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A Mother Gives Thanks

[su_heading]A Mother Gives Thanks[/su_heading] If we could, would we raise our children any differently knowing then what we know now? The woman who submitted her story for me to publish to my readers listened carefully as I trepidatiously asked her for more details. I… Continue Reading “A Mother Gives Thanks”

Happy BIG Birthday Baddy!

“When I think about the things that we’ve been through, I know just one thing is true, life is better with you!”. Happy 15th Anniversary to my hubbie.

Living in Paradise in a Mixed Marriage

Bringing spirituality and meaning to our childrens lives can be stressful over the holidays with our mixed marriage.

Seeing Aspen Through a Teenager’s Eyes

[su_heading size=”18″]Seeing Aspen Through a Teenager’s Eyes [/su_heading] It has been a long time since I have actually written about the children of Aspen Real Life, as soon as the older ones turned 14, all bets were off. They went from take me, film me, let… Continue Reading “Seeing Aspen Through a Teenager’s Eyes”

Have Sex With Your Spouse

What you have no time for sex with your spouse? Time to change the scene and add some spice into your life. Life is to short for drudgery.

A Funny Story About Wanting Sex

If you haven’t been living this way already, it’s time to start letting go and live for the moment…even if the consequences may make you blush.

Top Ten Ways to Help Keep Your Teen Safe

  There is a quiet buzz of concern one can hear if one listens carefully enough to the conversations of many parents in our valley regarding the health of our youth. Last year, while on the board for the Valley Partnership for Drug Prevention… Continue Reading “Top Ten Ways to Help Keep Your Teen Safe”

Fantasies of a Mother

As I sat at the bar I imagined what it would be like to still be single and living in New York City. When an attractive young man sat down alone right next to me I thought about….

Can True Love Survive Children

[su_heading size=”18″]Can True Love Survive Children[/su_heading] Everybody wants to know how to find that true love, but what about finding it and keeping the love while raising children? So far, Baddy and my love has endured the true test of time, from building and… Continue Reading “Can True Love Survive Children”

Chapter 1: Morphine Drip

When I think back, he was always there in my imagination, the man I would fall in love with one day. A tall, dark and handsome cowboy version of a straight Carey Grant with a chiseled jaw and smiling eyes. My search for the… Continue Reading “Chapter 1: Morphine Drip”

Moving From Old Snowmass to Basalt, Colorado

Anybody who has moved understands the emotional and physical distress it causes, and here we are possibly about to do it again! Anybody want a home on a gorgeous lot in Basalt, Colorado?

Is it Possible to Live in the Moment?

I’m thinking it would be far easier to live with a Buddhist philosophy if we didn’t live in Western society. So, how to live peacefully in a fast paced environment? Don’t get stuck in a rut.

A High Prana Food Dream

Ever eat a raw meal and have dreams about being pregnant? I did.

Living in Basalt, Colorado

So…how was your summer? Are you sad that your kids are back in school? I’m not!

Rid Yourself Of Fear

An annual summer trip to Nantucket no longer retains the innocence of days gone by.

Cowboy Poetry Slurred

Basalt may be sleepy but if you catch it on the right night you may find yourself listening to poetry quoted to you by a drunk cowboy.

Saved by a Cowboy

An unexpected adventure happened yesterday when I went on a bike ride with a friend along the back roads of Old Snowmass.

Living in a Community Extends Life

How wonderful it is to receive birthday wishes from all over the world. I am a very lucky girl and so appreciative of all of your love! Thank you for being a friend!!!

Going Cowboy on Yeager with the Aspen Valley Land Trust

Note to self: don’t have six shots of tequila and then go to a benefit with a live and silent auction. It has trouble written all over it. What’s a girl to do?

Trying to Survive Without Sleep

[su_heading size=”18″]Trying to Survive Without Sleep[/su_heading] Last night I skinned up Buttermilk with my fellow Monday evening companions. We gathered in the parking lot as we put our skins on our skis and stuffed our packs  with lights and warm clothes for the descent.… Continue Reading “Trying to Survive Without Sleep”

An Enormous Cheers to You on New Years

In this new year, let’s all pay it forward!

When Your Blog Takes Off

Aspen Real Life is four years old, gives back to the community and has put in over 10,000 hours. It’s Time!

Aspen Blogger Tells Her Story

At four o’clock in the morning, I’m ready to be a bit more raw and confess that this blogging business hasn’t been easy but things are happening.

The Mother of a Mommy Blogger

What’s it like being the mommy of a… “mommy blogger”? My mother tells all.

How to Monetize a Blog

This is a question that I often get when I tell people that I am a blogger. It’s not always easy to be ahead of the curve, where people look at you as if you have three eyes, but I’m kinda liking being different.

Hearing a Gunshot in Old Snowmass

Although I do miss living in the country, maybe I was not quite cut out for country living.

A Week Gone Wrong

Summer in Aspen is awesome…if you can leave your life behind like all the tourists and actually stop your life to enjoy it…so I’m putting-out. You?

Moving From Rural to Suburbia

Moving from our contemporary home in the country-side to our vinyl home in town has had its glitches but somehow, beneath the stresses of mold and monsters, we are content.

Next Chapter, Basalt, Colorado

Moving from house to house is not easy but the transitions that occur with each move are enlightening. It is not the life I planned for my children but in today’s world it seems to be the way it is. If you haven’t had to move, consider yourself lucky!

The Highs and Lows of Mommy Blogging

If I ever become famous I am going to become a motivational speaker for bloggers because nobody becomes somebody without working their little bottoms off, do they?

What are Your New Year’s Resolutions?

I’ve made my New Years Resolutions and I’m ready to go…only, it’s going to take some time. How bout you?

A Dysfunctional Aspen Thanksgiving

It’s been a whirlwind of a week with Thanksgiving and Aspen Winternational but we survived, barely!

Moving In With Family

Moving out of our home and moving in with our extended family was nice and cozy, to say the least. Thank you Michele, Jim, Devon, Nikki, India and Loki!!!

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened

Have you ever been so self-absorbed that you couldn’t read the signs?

The Sadness of Having to Move

So many families are in transition right now, moving from the homes they love to rent and we are one of them. But as life would have it, there is always humor tossed in amongst the stress and the disbelief of the work load, if you choose to let it in to help you than you’ll make it through.

Renting A Home

With our house closing on Monday and no home to move into things are getting very interesting over here at Aspen REAL Life.

I am a Bull in a China Shop

As we travel about life, I wonder how many of us are reflective of our Horoscopes and our signs?

Spiritual Healers

A big congratulations to Carbondale local, Michelle Manning-Kogler, for making it past the first round in the Conari Press Competition for the next top Self-Help Author.

It is Michelle’s wish to help others through spiritual healing, a gift she was born with, and to make lasting, positive changes in their lives.

Let’s help her to make it to round three!

The Jerry Bovino Show

I did it. I made it through the hour long interview about “Cool Bloggers” on The Jerry Bovino Show, without getting sick or passing out. I must be maturing as Aspen Real Life grows up.

Living in the Moment

On our way up we talked about my decision to not write about how The Aspen Times was pouring salt onto my wound, once again, with the new developments in the Madoff fiasco. I refuse to fuel the tabloids with my anger and disappointment, I told him and he agreed happy that as much as I write about our family life, I never reveal anything too private.

Experiencing the Turbulence of Blogging

You know that feeling when you’re on an airplane and the pilot announces that it’s going to be a turbulent ride?

Falling in Love on Halloween in Aspen

Ready for the second chapter of finding love in Aspen? Here it is, all on a dark and beautiful Halloween night.

How to Attend Blogging Conferences

How to master the art of social networking

Having to Move From Our Dream House

So many of us are having to let go right now. Even though I try not to get attached to material things I still can’t shake the sadness of having to leave our Paradise.

Living with Integrity

Jack Pierce McDonald may be physically gone but the legacy that he has left behind will resonate within all of us forever.

I Won’t Back Down

What would I do without my sisters?

Swallowed by Mud – The Muki Series

I can’t tell who has greater anxiety, me or the puppy.

Some days are better than others

Spring Break is here and Bono says it all.

Valentine’s Day Sucks

I fear that I’m giving in to accepting that Valentine’s Day is just an overrated, commercial Holiday.

Trying to Fit it All in

Do you ever feel like your head is about to blow off your body as you try to accomplish the impossible? No? Then I need to talk to you, sooner rather than later.

It’s My Blogoversary

Trying to understand my obsession as a blogger.

A Dream About Dying

Having high anxiety over the holidays?

Dealing With Concussions

On Christmas Day we arrived at my sister Micheles house with the Vini-Man loaded with presents for all the cousins. The kids ran around in their pajamas taking them off throughout the day to plunge into the hot tub and then dive into the… Continue Reading “Dealing With Concussions”

Taken Down by Thanksgiving

The holidays can be a wonderful way to reconnect with family and friends but they can also be detrimental to your health.

Mommy Bloggers are the New Celebrities

It is amazing to me the fascination with vain celebrities. People want real. They want raw. Of course sex and good looks always sell, but many Mommy Blogger’s have all that it takes to make it as a Celebrity.

Let Negative Comments Help You

Every now and then I receive mail from somebody who I have clearly offended with my writing. I thought that I would share it with you and also give you the opportunity to critique my writing for the better good of my novel. Have at it!

Be a Stay at Home Mom, or get a Job?

You wanted a bit of adversity? Well here it is. Read and weep for me my friends, read and weep.

Am I a Goddess?

All mother’s have a secret that I am about to share with the world. We are all superhuman.

A Spiritual Encounter

A Halloween tale

Meeting New People is Like Traveling

I am aware that I am in complete denial that taking the kids on a road trip could be a total bust but I am just that desperate.

Anatomy of a Mommy Blogger

In all of this self-analysis I have deduced that my writing has become a reflection of my spiritual journey as a wife and a mother. It has helped me to live in the present more completely and spiritually then ever before. Every nuance, every impressionable expression, every tribute to life, resonates in my being and writing it all down helps me to grow.

Going on a Date with Your Husband

Kids are gone and Wade and I are hitting the towns of Aspen, Basalt and Carbondale with a vigor!

Do you Tweet in Your Dreams?

Twitter has become such a large part of my life as I grow my blog that I am Twittering in my sleep. I have always had crazy, fun dreams, especially about New York City and have started recording them on my blog.

Loving My Forties

A half hour later I walked out of his office stunned. In my forties, I have found an inner peace and an entirely new view on life and love. My senses are deepened and my openness to the world much greater. I am learning Spanish, writing, reading novels, juggling three boys, relishing in the affections of my husband and deepening my bonds with my girlfriends. Who was this man who could not appreciate the beauty of women in their forties?

All Parents Need Alone Time

As parents, we all need time to escape and reflect upon who and where we are in our lives. Life does not always offer up these opportunities. When a day turns sour, we need to dig deep into our own resources to help us get through it because nobody else is going to save us.

What Not to Do With a Pregnant Mama

[su_heading]What Not to Do With a Pregnant Mama[/su_heading] What Not to Do With a Pregnant Mama? Don’t breathe on her, don’t look at her, do as she says, and everything will be just fine! The first time we saw our first baby, it was… Continue Reading “What Not to Do With a Pregnant Mama”

A trip to Paris, Pregnant

When I was five months pregnant with Hootie-Hoo, Baddy surprised me by presenting me with a trip to Paris, just the two of us, to celebrate my fortieth birthday and our pregnancy. Spring in Paris that year brought droves and droves of uninterrupted rain… Continue Reading “A trip to Paris, Pregnant”

Designing My Own Website

We have all struggled with keeping up with technology and I just happened to take it as far as I was able. I soon plunged into website hell and have finally climbed back out.

Dreaming About A Lecherous Husband

I love my husband but obviously have some deep rooted insecurities that are divulged in my dreams. He sure wished he could be privy to his lecherous behavior, in my sleep.

Putting Flames on My Mini-Van

When I was pregnant with my third child, Tucker, I had to trade in my Toyota Fore-Runner for a mini-van to accommodate my impending larger family. It was a difficult decision for me to make. My father had a BMW fetish and that is what I grew up driving in.

I Saw The Tooth Fairy

[su_heading size=”18″]I Saw The Tooth Fairy[/su_heading] The other night Axel’s tooth fell out, or rather, Wade yanked it out as usual. This family is not for the weak hearted. When the children hurt themselves they scream louder when they see their Daddy approaching. Both Wade and… Continue Reading “I Saw The Tooth Fairy”

Getting Chicken Eggs From a Neighbor

[su_heading size=”18″]Getting Chicken Eggs From a Neighbor [/su_heading] Tonight at dinner I asked my family to take note that I was actually wearing a short sleeved shirt without a sweater on. It probably was the first time since the last warm day in the Fall… Continue Reading “Getting Chicken Eggs From a Neighbor”

Staying Balanced as a Mother

[su_heading size=”18″]Staying Balanced as a Mother[/su_heading] This morning Baddy and I laughed, cried and spat at each other, and the kids, in the one hour we had together before we shoved everybody into the car to go to school. Oh to be able to… Continue Reading “Staying Balanced as a Mother”

Water Nymphs at Conundrum Hot Springs

Nymphs in the forest, hot springs pools, makes for a dreamy weekend spent in nature, that is unless you are there with your girlfriend.

Fighting Depression as a Mother

It is not always easy to remain calm and patient with children.

Boys Need to Be Trained By Their Mothers

January 1st I decided to stop doing everything for the boys and teach them how to clean up after themselves. I am doing their future wives a favor.

A Flight for Life

[su_heading]Our Baby’s Flight for Life[/su_heading] Taking a flight for life from Aspen to Denver when our middle child was 12 days old was one of the biggest scares of our lives. Now I just picked him up from pre-college at California College of the… Continue Reading “A Flight for Life”