Is it Possible to Live in the Moment?

Is it Possible to Live in the Moment?

“They want you and Thumper for the hot tub shoot,” I said to Baddy as we sat watching Axel during football practice. “Really?” He asked nonchalantly. I nodded my head yes and we went back to watching Axel pummel and get pummeled on the field. “I wonder who they matched you with for your wife and other children,” I said.” He looked at me to see if I seemed hurt by the offense that they only wanted half the family. I was smiling. He asked me what was so funny and I mentioned how things seem so much more humorous when one doesn’t have any expectations. I explained further, “What’s funny is that you are so nonplussed by the fact that you got the job and I am so nonplussed by the fact that Axel, Hootie-Hoo and I were rejected, other than the fact that we could have made an extra well-needed $1,000 dollars.”

This new way of thinking, to let go and live in the moment, has been helping me significantly, that and the concentrated effort to work out to the point of exhaustion to calm my mind and soothe my nerves.

It’s not easy to fit in that time, but at the moment a necessity so that when I continue doing all the things that I am called upon to do to stay on top, I do it without agitation, putting mind and soul into it.

As I go through the days little things happen that fill my tool box with metaphors:

[su_box title=”Living in the Moment”]

Don’t get stuck in a rut. In fact, stay away from the rut at all costs. But if you fall in, either accelerate and give it your all to get out or get off what you are on and walk, and while walking try to notice everything around you along the way.

When going, go until you feel satiated but know when to stop. It’s not just about lowering your expectations, it’s about not having any.

If an opportunity arises to make some time for yourself, don’t make excuses, make it happen.

And most importantly, if somebody is making you feel badly about yourself. Analyze what they are saying. If there is any truth in what they say, think of this as an opportunity for growth (this comes from Stefan Grafstein). If there is no truth in what they say, put out your suitcase and fill it with their bad energy and then stow it safe and far away from your inner self. That baggage is theirs, not yours (this I derived from Lisa Smit who suggested we hold out a basket for those we love when they may say things that could hurt us).[/su_box]

Oh…and one more thing, if you are like me, a bull who charges into everything, be aware of the people around you, they may not understand you and run for fear of getting pierced by your horns, leaving you all alone wondering where everybody went.

Do you have anything to add?



4 thoughts on “Is it Possible to Live in the Moment?

  1. I’ve got tons to add (lol…) This whole Eckhart Tolle THE POWER OF NOW is nonsense. Even if you “live life in the moment” or “live in the now”, no one can escape the baggage of life experience they bring with them. The key is to recognize the baggage and neutralize it. Since moving from the north(l)east, to the land of fruits and nuts, I’ve learned many energetic techniques. Since I don’t have a zillion pages to write all of what I’ve learned I’ll briefly mention only one issue which I disagree with Miss Smith. I’ve never heard of her before this blog post. First intuition is your best friend. Learn to recognize it. Reward it. Encourage it, then protect it. Mingling energies (quoting your post “If there is no truth in what they say, put out your suitcase and fill it with their bad energy and then stow it safe and far away from your inner self”) isn’t recommended. There is always residual which you unintentionally take with you. Energetic “masters” (those proficient in the techniques I mention above – nothing special about a master, except they have focused on this work for longer than you) can literally pick off energy “balls” which leech from you. The best and easiest way to handle bad energy is before you go anywhere you think you might encounter some – protect yourself – as I mentioned above. Intuition can give you warning to where you might become vulnerable if you (allow/nurture) hear it. Takes time to learn/develop. Once heard and recognized (not easy) you simply call upon energies which resonate with your being. (Of course, you have to explore what works for you individually.) These can be Saints, white light, prayer or using your body’s chakras to protect yourself from the outside influences. There are a million possibilities to explore and figure out what works. Sometimes protections work in some environments but not other. Create an energetic tool box. Certain psychics can short cut you to what works for you, if they have that ability. Again, use energies like a suit of armor. Block, don’t absorb and move to some “suitcase.” Personally, even something as simple as visiting a grocery store can yield complex, layered energies in a single environment: Starting with how the fresh fruit was grown (pesticides, etc.) People already do this every single day. You pick up a peach to feel how ripe it is, but there is an entire growing cycle which you’re examining in just a few seconds. A life time for that peach. Sometimes you may even pick a peach which is hard as a baseball, but you think it’ll ripen properly in a few days. That’s your intuition. Of course, I’m also referring to energies people bring with them to the grocery store. Besides what energies people bring with them TO the grocery store, people’s interaction with food is critical because it’s what gives their body energy. Hence when I stand in line and I see someone who has a box of Frosted Flakes, candy, cake mix, liquor, beer, soda, etc. You know that fuel is “rotten.” Contrast that with fresh foods, vegetables and other such food types which give the body (natural growth) “light.” Anyway, my response is too long, but hopefully someone will have found this useful.


    1. Hey W,

      First and foremost I should point out that I may have grossly changed what Lisa was telling us by revealing my interpretation of how I was going to use her metaphor for those I am not that close to by packing it away in a suitcase. The way that she described it was for us to hold a basket for the ones we love and when they are spewing things out that might hurt us, we fill the basket for them instead of internalizing it.

      How interesting it is to understand energies with such depth. Without the ability to immerse myself in this philosophy and study with the Masters, I’m afraid I’m going to have to rely upon my friends, such as yourself, to share what you know. But even with all of this information, I truly would not know how to begin to use my body chakra to protect myself from the outside influences (or maybe I am doing it subconsciously?).

      Anyway, no response is too long for we all can take from it what we need and discard what we maybe are not quite ready for.

      As for food, it is difficult to even begin the spiritual journey if one is eating poison and not plant based foods.

      Thank you!


  2. I actually like the idea of going with the flow. No expectations (although that really is easier said than done! – speaking from personal experience. lol). That being said.

    Letting go and living in the flow of what life brings you, might be easier. If you find something that comes up that feel unpleasant, identify what that feeling is and why. Just recognizing the feeling is often the beginning of being able to just let it go. If you get stuck, though, you know I’m happy to walk you through the Quantum Soul Clearing Process to release it and everything it’s bringing up.

    In Abraham’s event this weekend in Denver, the message was being honest with your feelings, acknowledging that you might not be in a great emotional space, and then consciously choosing something that feels better and serves you more fully. That’s living consciously and true to yourself.

    The only other piece of information would be to forgive yourself for negatively judging yourself – that releases it all. It doesn’t have to be a big deal or hard. It’s simply acknowledging yourself, your feelings, and choosing for what you really want to create.

    Call if you want help. 🙂
    My love to you Jillian! I think you are on a wonderful path of self-expression and joy. Run with it!



    1. Michelle, that must have been an incredible event in Denver.

      For somebody who merely skirts the surface of it all, I feel fortunate to have friends who can enlighten me and my readers further, letting us know that if we ever desire to study our beliefs in greater depths there are incredible resources to do so, including your Quantum Soul Clearing Process.

      Since we first met, I feel I have learned so much and it has truly helped me to release that bad energy that crosses my path when I least expect it.

      Thank you for visiting!


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