Building Relationships

Right now, all over the world, people are reaching out to each other and new relationships are being formed. So many of us throughout the world are in a constant state of despair and hopelessness moving through space in an anxious state of mind. There are also many of us who are feeling the results of slowing down and tuning better in to nature and … Continue reading Building Relationships

A Beautiful June Evening Spent with Aspen’s Professional Social Club

Hosted by CEO and Founder of Equus Private Wealth Management, Ron Speaker, our Aspen Business Connect professional social network gathered together on a beautiful June evening in the garden of the Equus building in Carbondale, Colorado. At the front door greeting guests were three lovely Aspen High School students. Supporting young adults is a true passion of ours and bringing in their vibrant energy always … Continue reading A Beautiful June Evening Spent with Aspen’s Professional Social Club

How to use Social Media for Business

How to use Social Media for Business

Watch this video created by BrandMaker Media and see why businesses are signing on to be included in our boutique storytelling marketing agency. Also, BrandMaker Media now has an 8-week course that begins July 7th, “Jumpstart Your Brand Online: NEW Immersive Experience”. This is what we’re talking about. Collaboration and referrals. Join in! Click here for more information and to register. Use code JILLIAN for 10% off. Continue reading How to use Social Media for Business

Why Helping Teens?

Knowing that there have been many conversations occurring throughout the valley addressing the health of our teens, I felt the need to quickly produce the next Aspen Connect conversation, Helping our Teens Through Communities and Families, and bring the health professionals of the entire valley together with our local families at the Aspen District Theatre to hear the stories of teens, parents, prevention specialists, youth … Continue reading Why Helping Teens?

A Mother Gives Thanks

A Mother Gives Thanks If we could, would we raise our children any differently knowing then what we know now? The woman who submitted her story for me to publish to my readers listened carefully as I trepidatiously asked her for more details. I appreciated her wanting to tell her story, and I knew that I was venturing toward raw territory when I asked her … Continue reading A Mother Gives Thanks

I Am THAT Social Media Person You Need

[su_heading]I Am THAT Social Media Person You Need[/su_heading] In a world where people are needing positivity and optimism, I am more determined to stay true to myself and my passion for connecting people and promoting brands by telling their stories. This is why I am getting the word out today that I am either looking for an investor to help me turn AspenRealLife into the production company I know … Continue reading I Am THAT Social Media Person You Need

Can True Love Survive Children

Can True Love Survive Children

[su_heading size=”18″]Can True Love Survive Children[/su_heading] Everybody wants to know how to find that true love, but what about finding it and keeping the love while raising children? So far, Baddy and my love has endured the true test of time, from building and then losing a dream house together, to the trials and tribulations of raising boys in “Paradise”. After watching writer Mandy Len … Continue reading Can True Love Survive Children

Training Your Husband On Treating You Right

[su_heading size=”18″]Training Your Husband On Treating You Right[/su_heading] Is it possible to train your husband and your kids to give you that one special day you deserve so much and show you the love on those special occasions?? With a birthday usually falling on the same weekend of Mother’s Day, and an anniversary in the same month as two of our birthdays, I get a … Continue reading Training Your Husband On Treating You Right

How to Give Her the Best Mother’s Day

[su_heading size=”18″]What to Get Her On Mother’s Day[/su_heading] We piled into Vini-man on Saturday and peeled out of the driveway, late as usual for Thumper’s Lacrosse Tournament in Vail. What is it about my family that we have to be late for everything? When I met Baddy he was one of those punctual people who would love to tease me about my innate disability to ever be … Continue reading How to Give Her the Best Mother’s Day

Chapter Three: Living in a Fairy Tale

Becoming a Madoff Ponzi Scheme Victim

[su_heading size=”18″]Becoming a Madoff Ponzi Scheme Victim[/su_heading] Much to my regret, my family, my sisters, my mother, my aunts and the Queen of Holland are being recognized all over the world thanks to Bernard Madoff who made-off with our money. Everywhere I turn there are sympathetic people offering their condolences. They are sorry that my family is suffering an injustice. I look at them and … Continue reading Becoming a Madoff Ponzi Scheme Victim

Living Societal Norms

[su_heading size=”28″]Living Societal Norms[/su_heading] Sometimes you wake up and realize that perhaps you didn’t need to follow the societal norms of marriage and then children  — just sometimes. I took a well needed spontaneous night off with two friends I haven’t seen in a very long time. In the pouring rain we hit the town of Basalt. You never know what you are going to … Continue reading Living Societal Norms

Anatomy of a Mommy Blogger

In all of this self-analysis I have deduced that my writing has become a reflection of my spiritual journey as a wife and a mother. It has helped me to live in the present more completely and spiritually then ever before. Every nuance, every impressionable expression, every tribute to life, resonates in my being and writing it all down helps me to grow. Continue reading Anatomy of a Mommy Blogger