Moving to Aspen

[su_heading]Moving to Aspen[/su_heading]

We are moving…again. This time to a 1950’s tear-down house in Aspen with the most beautiful single-paned glass views one could ever hope for.

As much as I meditated on this exact scenario to happen; a tear-down deal made in Aspen by Baddy, and a rent we could afford, I was not ready to jump when the actual scenario was presented to me. That’s the thing about putting things out to the universe, when it happens you have to be ready to give yourself in to it, and THAT is not always easy.

It has been a whirlwind of chaos and stress these last two months, packing up a house I love with the eye of the hurricane (our three boys) blowing out any semblance of order accomplished for showings at the house for possible renters. At some point I gave up trying to have it look like something out of House & Garden and instead when the door rang for a showing I’d shove everything loose into a dark corner of a closet and check myself in the mirror, doing the best to calm the frizzle escaping like fire from my clips before running downstairs to open the door with a big smile and a welcome.

It was often difficult to retain my composure while in my stressed state as I experienced others in greater distress, displaced but optimistically doing what they needed to do to stay in this valley. There were families with entire packs of dogs, others interested were ending their life on the road to settle down for a bit, or having to move from the homes they were living in due to rising rents. It’s an amazing life out here but for many of us, certainly not as glamorous as one might think.

Fortunately, we found a nice family to move in at the nth hour. And as difficult as it is to scale down yet again and leave our homey Basalt sanctuary, my garden, our neighbors and these beautiful warm summer temperatures for a house that was built during a time when people seemed to have dropped a lot of acid while thinking that indoor exposed shale rock wall pond features were the shit, I believe it will all be good in the end. At the moment though the thought keeps creeping into my mind that we are moving into a place where I’m certain Gollum from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings is living in the crawl space. But Baddy’s on it, and burning the candle at both ends to make the house cozy for his family. I’ve never seen a man work so hard and never complain as his back goes out and his bony knees give way.

I’m very grateful that the universe is listening and so I’ll adjust to watching the boys go mach 40 down our steep hill and around sharp curves to get anywhere. I’ll also adjust to not having my neighborhood peeps all around, like the one who shouts to my boys to get off the roof when they are on the brink of jumping, or Frederico, who swept me away to his home town on the Mediterranean Coast after bringing me a cup of Espresso during the garage sale. Espresso that he learned how to make as a child from his papa in Italy.  I’ll miss Hector, a badass Champion Power Lifter with an accent to match, who took our boys under his wing when they needed strength training for all their ailments (I know Hector will miss my meatballs too).

And so in  a few weeks time we head off for our next AspenRealLife adventure as our friends over at Double Diamond Moving and Storage move us from Basalt to Aspen. I only hope that we will return in seven years when Hootie-Hoo spreads his wings and flies away to college (okay, this part I am writing through a veil of tears).

And so when you see my posts on Food & Wine, Ideasfest and Wanderlust, picture me creating content within a sea of boxes and stay tuned for more stories.

Moving to Aspen
Single-Paned Glass Views

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