A Week Gone Wrong

A Week Gone Wrong


Prince Creek Trail

This week was hell on wheels! Zilch $$ in the bank account, felt like Marie-Louise Parker from the show Weeds while showing our rental to shady new tenants…back went out from writing too much, trip to Glenwood for child who has chest pains…worry, worry, worry….3am talk with 13 year old about teenage anxiety…worry, worry, worry more….try to pay attention to hubby in over drive mode, try to work while kids bang on drums adjacent to my dungeon office, get enormous owie on my mountain bike, drive upvalley for Aspen Writer’s Foundation Story Swap, drive downvalley to go to court to dispute $750 speeding ticket (I can explain), situate kids outside restaurants so they can sell Ducky Derby ducks to those hopefully drinking enough wine to make them generous…making tons of mistakes, not working out, head about to blow off….

But as you read this I will be putting-in, or whatever you river rats say, and guess what I’m bringing with me? Do you want one?

Friends When things go wrong
Could Use A Bottle!

**River joke: “If it’s so easy for you to put-in than why is it so hard for you to put-out?”

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