Hire Me or Invest In Me

Staying True to My Authentic Self
Photo Credit: Michele Cardamone Photography

[su_heading]Hire Me or Invest In Me[/su_heading]

In a world where people are needing positivity and optimism, I am more determined to stay true to myself and my passion for connecting people and promoting brands by telling their stories.

This is why I am getting the word out today on LinkedIn that I am either looking for an investor to help me turn AspenRealLife into the production company I know it can be, OR apply all of my skills towards one company.

I am all I

After just having finished Bob Chapman’s “Our Community Listens” course, my DISC Personal Analysis pretty much pegged my behavior, I am 60% I, which means that 60% of my behavioral tendencies lean toward an “Influence” profile. The remainder of my behavioral tendency points that 40% of me leans toward S, the “Steadiness” profile. This means that my psychological need is to be loved and to serve a higher purpose. I can’t say that I disagree.

Admittedly, I do not much like the idea of generalizing behavioral traits based on computerized algorithms but the analysis is pretty spot on, which kept me captivated throughout the entire three day intensive class.

The course confirmed that my tune plays strongest when in a sociable situation where I can work my magic to create harmony amongst people. That I am friendly, social, sociable, people-oriented, thorough, concentrating, careful, kind, helpful, polite, nice, secure, approachable and undemanding (the last one may be a bit of a stretch), and ultimately, I am motivated by opportunities to work with people in a positive, encouraging and open atmosphere. I value honesty, reliability and good team-spirit and get motivation from security, stability and a future vision.” Honestly? I couldn’t have described myself any better than that.

I mean, who wouldn’t hire somebody with that kind of behavior to help enhance the energy and well being of the office and improve customer relations? Shit, I’d hire myself in a heartbeat!


So what is it I am looking for? Having never marketed my social media, content creation, interpersonal, inbound marketing, photography and interviewing prowess before, I would love to have somebody with a vision, join my team OR I need to join up with one company that I believe in and help them to tell their story, and ultimately increase their ROI and if I’m going to totally go with the final analysis that describes my primary relationship role as a “Participator,”…”A pleasant and friendly conversationalist who likes to be with familiar people. Who likes exchanging thoughts and feelings before moving into action. Who finds it important that everyone in the group gets to perform and express their feelings. Others find the Participator as a person who is easy to be with and who is honest toward everyone…She does not mind it if she has to guide, help or listen to others. Her own priorities are not as important to her as the fact that others work well together.

Please reach out to me if you have an opportunity for me to apply my skills, and do it quickly before I get swept up and become unavailable: aspenreallife@gmail.com

Yours Truly, Jilly3

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