Spiritual Guides

You are right in the middle of this beautiful spiritual stew and I want to go all the way back to your mother’s fairies. Fairies are the mystical beings that are guides.

Have you tapped into your spirit guides? There is your next journey. Research animal spirituality. Ted Andrews says that if an animal bites or attacks you that is your spiritual guide. Steve has been attacked by bears four times. that is his spirit animal.

Do reading about my angelic spirit guides.

I lost a diamond that my father gave to my mother and gave to me – I had a vision of this diamond bathed in gold. This will be your guiding light.

Barbara is a saint for living with Frank and puts up with his shenanigans.

Follow your intuition.

Teenagers need something to rebel against. How do we allow safe rebellion? Show them the parameters, knowing they will swing out of it.



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