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AspenRealLife is publishing a book based on the content in the blog. The book is about finding love, and retaining that love after children. It’s also about staying true to your dreams. Feedback welcome.

Chapter Nine: Meeting Baddy

(This chapter was written in a 2017 Aspen Words Summer Workshop taught by Chinelo Okparanta, of whom I absolutely adored!) My body lay horizontally across the bed with my head hanging off the edge. The world felt so upside down at that moment, this was my… Continue Reading “Chapter Nine: Meeting Baddy”

Chapter Six: Protecting Our Innocence

Chapter Six: Protecting Our Innocence The mornings in my bedroom were the antithesis of the nights; warm, safe and my own haven, where I’d spend oodles of time alone letting my imagination go, dancing wildly to my 45 records, spending time on my CB radio, or playing… Continue Reading “Chapter Six: Protecting Our Innocence”

Chapter Five: Three Sisters

Chapter Five: Three Sisters It is when I am in nature where suddenly a feeling of total elation passes over my being and I recognize what that feeling represents, memories from times in my chidhood where I was completely one with nature as it beckoned me in… Continue Reading “Chapter Five: Three Sisters”

Chapter Four: All About Harold

Chapter Four: All About Harold

Chapter Four: All About Harold My father, Harold Melvin Wernick, was born in 1917 and lived through two wars, as well as the great depression. A tall and sporty man with a shark grin and a mischievous twinkle in his baby blues, he was single into his forties and… Continue Reading “Chapter Four: All About Harold”

Chapter Three: Living in a Fairy Tale

Chapter Three: Living in a Fairy Tale My childhood was its own fairytale. Yes, it’s true, I grew up in a fairytale within a fairytale. My two sisters and I grew up in Massachusetts in a white house set up high on a hill.… Continue Reading “Chapter Three: Living in a Fairy Tale”

Chapter Two: Our Dream House

I had to sheepishly apologize to the crew for moving in before they were ready for us. I couldn’t stand to live in our tiny condo anymore. Two years was enough. I agree that living in small areas keeps the family closer together but Im not convinced this was healthy for our particular family.

The First Chapter – Looking Back on AspenRealLife

The first Chapter - Looking Back on AspenRealLife

The first Chapter – Looking Back on AspenRealLife It was summer of 2010 when my eyes opened, slowly focussing in on black storm clouds rolling in, threatening well needed rain. As the shadows were cast over Goldie & Kurt’s ranch land and the elk and packs of coyotes who frequently… Continue Reading “The First Chapter – Looking Back on AspenRealLife”