Falling in Love on Halloween in Aspen

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Falling in Love on Halloween in Aspen

[su_heading size=”18″]The party scene in Aspen makes it difficult to find the man of your dreams, but I did, on Halloween [/su_heading]

One of my closest friends, Patty, had just returned from a trip to Moab all animated, convinced that she had found that guy for me, the guy who was going to save me from all the other guys I had been enduring lately.

He’s funny, he’s gorgeous and he’s very cool, and…mellow, she exclaimed. A man huh? For me? I hadn’t ever had anybody say they had found a man for me before. I had done well with finding the bad boys all by myself in whatever neighborhood I happened to live in, and I was a bit done with that scene. At the time, I was dating a guy who looked very good on paper with an undergrad degree from Harvard and a post grad degree from Columbia University (all boys had to do was say they were Columbia and I was taking my clothes off). He lived in Pacific Heights in San Francisco and had invited me to go to Greece, Turkey and Italy with him, first class.

It all sounded good in theory but I was currently taken and quite done with the drama and the emotion of getting my hopes up high with men who ended up dumping me for the next hot and willing trumpet, and so I stored the idea of it away, leaving it to fate. If we met and things took off, great, if not I was contemplating hightailing it out of this town and moving to San Francisco in the summer.

It was common knowledge amongst the youth in town that Aspen was a place where collegiate grads came to party hard and forget about the stresses of life for a while. It was a place where packs of friends would traipse to Eric’s bar in the hopes of hooking up. Why not? We were free. Free from the pressures of school, free from any parents or authoritarian figure, and free to feel alive. This was NOT the place to meet your eternal significant other. And I was getting older, it was time to take this marriage/baby thing seriously.

As things would turn out, my Pacific Heights guy and I called it quits in Turkey, before we ever made our way over to Italy and it was months later that Patty invited me to a Halloween party that this stud of a guy, Wade, would be at. I tried to force down the rush of excitement that raged through my body, for if I got too excited I would most likely botch up a perfectly good opportunity to impress a new man by being too effervescent and scaring him away, my enthusiasm often overwhelmed the shy ones.

Every Halloween my friend Stephanie and I have shared the tradition of spending a greater part of the evening playing dress up, drinking lots of wine and shooting polaroids. This Halloween was no different. A bottle of wine later we walked out wearing wigs and old Euro clothes from my parents – we were to be Yalenka and Nostrovia from Russia and made a pact to stick with our new personalities and accents throughout the evening, and drink Vodka.

We arrived at the party and there was Patty standing in the kitchen next to a guy who fit the bill to her description. Tall, cute and carrying a very large cardboard ox, and an axe, he was Paul Bunyon. Creative came to mind. I could feel his calm demeanor from miles away and I was in no means calm and so I grabbed Stephanie and raced past the kitchen lest I sabotage any remote chance I may have to impress.

Walking up the stairs towards the bathroom to primp up before we hit the streets to join in on the hedonism of Aspen on Halloween promising anonymity, drugs and sex, I felt a presence behind me. I took a quick glance behind me, and there he was hot on my trail. “Nice Ox,” I wittingly blurted out. He smiled a very shy smile and I launched off to some other world. We reached the top of the stairs and I leaned against the wall waiting for the bathroom. Facing him in the narrow hallway I took in what I could without embarrassing myself, his beautiful square shoulders set into a six foot 2 frame, his smile, his smell. “I’m Jillian,” I said looking up at him with his fake beard painted on his face. “I know,” he replied. I could barely stand the energy that emitted between us and ducked under his arm to slip into the bathroom as soon as the door opened. He was gone when I came out.

When it was time to hit the town the party gathered together and emerged en masse into the cool chilly night to walk to town and join in on the festivities, Wade and I shyly avoiding one another. Later, we all gathered together on a street corner to discuss where we were going to go dancing. I sidled close to Wade, “are you coming dancing with us?” I asked demurely, the autumn breeze cooling the fire in my cheeks. “I think Ill pass on the dancing,” he replied, but I urged him on in to the Paragon, a bar where one might regularly find themselves dancing late into the night, in ski boots, animated porn playing on the screen in the background. We walked to the bar together and cozied in when a friend (we miss you Steve Menscher) dressed in his motorcycle leathers, interrupted our intimacy and dragged me to the dance floor. Wade took that as a sign to leave. Desperately, I looked over the leather arm draped around my shoulder to say goodbye, and I watched him fade to black as he walked out into the night sky, swinging his axe.

Halloween w: Steph017


6 thoughts on “Falling in Love on Halloween in Aspen

  1. I love this story! Now this is the kind of writing I have been trying to get you to do….”more later” keep us hanging…perfect!!!!! I can’t wait to read the more later and I know the story!!!!!
    As for me….oh brother. Well, if anyone is reading this, call Jilllian and get on Isagenix. She had to convince me to go on this new eating plan, her older sister with more eating disorders than a psych ward. I binge, I starve, I over exercise, wrecked my metabolism. With that said, turning 50 in March, Jiliian sat me down and said you need to get your eating healthy. I went into this plan kicking and screaming.
    One month into it and I feel like a new woman. Trust me, I tortured my sister. It is not easy to change ones eating habits. I would call her crying, swearing, weak, hungry, moody, setting myself up to fail…but thru Jillians patience, coaxing and therapy and tips…I made it. One month. Lost 10 lbs. Feel healthy and calm. Not that angst feeling of a food hangover, or hunger…..It is a new way of living for me. My friends are now following suit. Now they are calling me the first few weeks with the same behavior and attitude I gave Jillian……but seeing me, they know the outcome.
    I am healthy to eat for the first time since my freshman year in college, which was of course last year ha ha (graduated high school in 1979) If any of you out there has eating issues or just wants to be healthy or loose a few pounds…please, try isagenix.
    As for halloween!!!! I will be eating CANDY and hopefully meeting my future husband, I think I will go as Nostrovia!


    1. Really Mouse? Ok, I’ll give you more stories like this then. It’s difficult to know where to focus my creativity and it is also hard for me to reveal so much about myself. The book bears all, the blog does not. But for you, I’ll take off the veil.

      As for Isagenix, yeah, you definitely have me grinding my nose into the books and making certain that this product rocks, which it does. If only I could see you with your new body and temperament. It is in the second month where you will feel and see the results the most. Look out Pilates, your students will be like, WTF happened to Melanie!

      As for your future husband, don’t forget that I’m your agent. Love ya, J


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