Don’t Hate Me Or Anyone Else For Being Loving While Reaching Dreams

Don’t Hate Me (or anyone else) For Being Loving

It’s not easy staying true to one’s dream in a small resort town with a perceived bottomless pit of money that nobody seems to actually have. A place where many business owners see you not as an asset but as a threat, assuming that you are using them to rise above them.

What these people don’t realize is that those who meet us with open arms are rewarded with big tight bear hugs and a goal to drive business to their establishments, regardless of what it is they do.

The difficulty lies not so much in the ask (which is getting easier the larger we grow and help people), but in the determination to bust past childish egos that are fraidy cats, rigidly suspicious of what they could lose by letting us in, which is???

We lose all the time by announcing members of our team and then losing them as they get whisked away by corporate entities that have money (which we will SOON have). But we celebrate being that platform that lifts people up so they can fly off. Many of our team members remain loyal, spreading the word about all we are doing to raise money for others and drive traffic to their stores, others unfollow our media platforms and sneer at us from above. It’s always a choice.

I’m not saying that it’s easy to continue to be loving and open and continuously celebratory when we lose members of our team, in fact, there are many days where I hide behind my desk feeling immense loathing for the selfishly ignorant people in the world, and wanting to quit, but all it takes is daily meditation and a rocking King Yoga class where I get recharged by sweating it out to outrageously fantastic music that fuels the positive vibe in the room, and all clicks back into place.

Meditation and yoga help me to not become like everyone else, but to stay me as I like myself best; loving, caring and creative. If one sticks with integrity, rewards will happen. Just keep watching, I’ll prove it …. or I’ll fail. Either way, it’s about to get very interesting.

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