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A Beautiful June Evening Spent with Aspen’s Professional Social Club

Hosted by CEO and Founder of Equus Private Wealth Management, Ron Speaker, our Aspen Business Connect professional social network gathered together on a beautiful June evening in the garden of the Equus building in Carbondale, Colorado. At the front door greeting guests were three… Continue Reading “A Beautiful June Evening Spent with Aspen’s Professional Social Club”

How to use Social Media for Business

How to use Social Media for Business

Watch this video created by BrandMaker Media and see why businesses are signing on to be included in our boutique storytelling marketing agency. Also, BrandMaker Media now has an 8-week course that begins July 7th, “Jumpstart Your Brand Online: NEW Immersive Experience”. This is… Continue Reading “How to use Social Media for Business”

Uni for Breakfast and Santa Margarita at the Food & Wine Classic

The Local Scene Over Food & Wine

Just living life as best as possible over the Aspen Food & Wine Classic. Stay tuned to all of our social media for fun live feeds and interviews as we seek out lobster, caviar and bubbles. Santa Margarita Brunch Chefs Club Presents Park90 Chef… Continue Reading “Uni for Breakfast and Santa Margarita at the Food & Wine Classic”

Jillian’s Real Life

The problem was that I was on my own island. I needed a team. My head was becoming very cloudy with the not knowing where I was heading with all of this that I had felt driven to build. Nine incredible conversations in 12… Continue Reading “Jillian’s Real Life”

Firefighter Stories of The Lake Christine Fire

Firefighter Stories of The Lake Christine Fire

“All traffic is shut down at the El Jebel light due to a structure fire,” I read in the text, but I didn’t think twice about it, I was heading down to a thank you barbecue for the Lake Christine Firefighters at Jill Soffer’s… Continue Reading “Firefighter Stories of The Lake Christine Fire”

Date First Then Sex

All it took was a much needed date with my husband to eliminate the ennuis of marriage.

All Parents Need Alone Time

As parents, we all need time to escape and reflect upon who and where we are in our lives. Life does not always offer up these opportunities. When a day turns sour, we need to dig deep into our own resources to help us get through it because nobody else is going to save us.

What Not to Do With a Pregnant Mama

What Not to Do With a Pregnant Mama

[su_heading]What Not to Do With a Pregnant Mama[/su_heading] What Not to Do With a Pregnant Mama? Don’t breathe on her, don’t look at her, do as she says, and everything will be just fine! The first time we saw our first baby, it was… Continue Reading “What Not to Do With a Pregnant Mama”

A trip to Paris, Pregnant

When I was five months pregnant with Hootie-Hoo, Baddy surprised me by presenting me with a trip to Paris, just the two of us, to celebrate my fortieth birthday and our pregnancy. Spring in Paris that year brought droves and droves of uninterrupted rain… Continue Reading “A trip to Paris, Pregnant”

Dreaming About A Lecherous Husband

I love my husband but obviously have some deep rooted insecurities that are divulged in my dreams. He sure wished he could be privy to his lecherous behavior, in my sleep.

How to Make Marriage Last

Baddy has changed so much since I first met him on Halloween. I loved his demeanor then but was not used to nice, quiet and shy men but there was something that drew me to him, regardless. After spending about a year together I… Continue Reading “How to Make Marriage Last”

Water Nymphs at Conundrum Hot Springs

Nymphs in the forest, hot springs pools, makes for a dreamy weekend spent in nature, that is unless you are there with your girlfriend.

Getting Children Up in the Mornings

Getting Children Up in the Mornings

[su_heading size=”18″]Getting Children Up in the Mornings[/su_heading] In order to start the day without chaos, I wake up early enough to get the children’s breakfast and lunch made. It is so quiet. So unbelievably quiet. I’ll just fit in a few minutes of time… Continue Reading “Getting Children Up in the Mornings”

Do You Love Your In-Laws?

I am sad for most people who marry into a life-long struggle with their in-laws. In-laws seem to take up a lot of airtime with many of my friends and I feel their pain. I am aware of how awful it would be to have to take Xanax to prepare for the impending in-law visit.

Accident on Aspen Highland’s Bowl

Accident on Aspen Highland's Bowl

I implored Wade not to wait for his painfully slow wife. I could tell that today would be another Everest-like day. One of those days where I begged him to just leave me to the elements.

Are You a Nurturing Wife?

Adding an injured or sick husband to a mother’s already frantic life will push mommy to the edge of the edge.

Training Your Husband

I decided that in order to get the attention I deserved I had to train them better. Now a few days prior to each occasion, I give them the warning and a list of things that I would like to have happen.

Having a Stud for a Husband

Having a Stud for a Husband

Having a Stud for a Husband I used to worry that one day one of those gorgeous, slinky women rubbing their enormous silicons all over my handsome husband would steal his throbbing heart away. Baddy, a total Chameleon, went from badass builder to publisher… Continue Reading “Having a Stud for a Husband”