Moving Up to Aspen

Moving Up to Aspen

Last I lived in Aspen was 1997. A lot has changed since then and I’ll tell you what….our move up to Aspen has been incredibly invigorating. Those fears I had of  moving up to Aspen, well I apologize right here and now to the world for being too comfortable in my safe place. Being in the core, with all the mountains I play in looming outside my new home office window, is exactly where I need to be.

In a recent article we published written by Winslow McCurdy, Carbondale, Aspen’s Real World Relative, Winslow writes of the magnitude of the culture that Aspen presents to those who are looking for it. And I tell you what….my participation has increased tenfold and AspenRealLife is bulging at the seams with excellent content just waiting to be uploaded.

Aspen Culture

[su_quote cite=”Winslow McCurdy” url=””%5DAspen itself boasts an enormous amount of activities and beauty beyond the outwardly wealth-centric stereotype. Aspen’s worldwide renown ski town makes it a hotbed for visitors from across the country and the globe, to experience world-class events featuring a wide range of high quality music, food, and art that seem to be happening every week. The town always has something new and exciting to try, making it an addictive lifestyle that would be unlikely to bore even the most enigmatic of residents. Even just for its natural beauty, simply uttering the name Aspen to friends at a party evokes a reaction. To that end, the town boasts a refreshingly wide range of residents who seem to only agree on the fact that Aspen is truly a jewel hidden within the secluded Roaring Fork Valley.[/su_quote].

With the boys back in school my wheels are gaining momentum without wrenches being constantly tossed into my spokes and I have been able to immerse myself in events like the recent Mountain Summit: MountainFilm Festival presented at the Wheeler Opera House, a documentary film festival, “that showcases nonfiction stories about environmental, cultural, climbing, political and social justice issues that matter. Along with exceptional documentaries, the festival goes beyond the film medium by bringing together world-class athletes, change makers and visionary artists for a multi-dimensional celebration of indomitable spirit.”

Mountain Summit: MountainFilm

Having never attended Mountain Summit before, it was an unexpected treat to see films that were both about adventure and humanity which added fuel to my fire as I support our local businesses and help to tell their stories. The humanistic messages of these films rang loud and clear, as in Pro Model/Skier Sierra Quitiquit’s film, “Sierra Quitiquit: How Did I Get Here?” where Sierra speaks to the importance of  getting back to one’s roots and using one’s body not just as a pure aesthetic form in the high-paying modeling world but also to perform, as Sierra does in the mountains while pursuing her true passion of skiing (a far less financially rewarding profession but far more rewarding), or with pro yoyo “thrower” Coffin Nachtmahr who is hell bent on teaching kids to explore their passions that will help them to manage the many stresses that invade their lives while trying to grow up, as they did to him.

In two months time, our move to Aspen has had a huge impact on ridding myself of inhibiting fears that threaten to sabotage AspenRealLife’s existence and I am excited to throw myself  into discovering the great cultural richness of this valley and share it all with you right here, right now. So Stay Tuned!

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