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Win Kelly Charles, A Voice in the Handicapped World

Win Kelly Charles, A Voice in the Handicapped World I first met Win Kelly Charles when she invited me onto her Butterflies of Wisdom Podcast, and my first physical introduction to her was this past October, when, with her permission, I attended one of her therapy sessions at the Snowmass… Continue Reading “Win Kelly Charles, A Voice in the Handicapped World”

Getting Fixed: Part 2

Art of Fitness Update Getting Fixed: Part 2 sums up four sessions with Denise at The Art of Fitness. Being Lazy and in Pain My pain seems to be decreasing from the work with Denise Searle and Anita Rayburn, (Anita has given me Normatec Pro Compression… Continue Reading “Getting Fixed: Part 2”

Pilates and Cryotherapy in Aspen

Getting Fixed in Aspen In an effort to find a whole body wellness program, I found Denise Searle, Owner of The Fix and The Art of Fitness, and have committed to working with her twice a week in both her Pilates Studio and her Body… Continue Reading “Pilates and Cryotherapy in Aspen”

Delving Deeper into Meditation with Thomas Droge

[su_heading]Delving Deeper into Meditation with Thomas Droge[/su_heading] Taking Taoist Insight and Five Element meditation classes with Thomas Droge and interviewing him live on our Facebook feed afterwards helped me to delve deeper into the intellectualization of meditation during Wanderlust Aspen-Snowmass 2016. As our conversation unfolded it was apparent… Continue Reading “Delving Deeper into Meditation with Thomas Droge”

Living Life to the Fullest

[su_heading]Living Life to the Fullest[/su_heading] As many of you know, these past nine months have been devoted to being true to myself and my dreams of sharing the local’s perspective on living in Aspen. In order to do this, I have tried my best to… Continue Reading “Living Life to the Fullest”

The Jerry Bovino Show

I did it. I made it through the hour long interview about “Cool Bloggers” on The Jerry Bovino Show, without getting sick or passing out. I must be maturing as Aspen Real Life grows up.

Getting Sazzy over a Brick of Shizzle

My little white boy brings it down with his rap song