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pro ski bum

I was getting on the chair single, when an older man skied up to ride the chair with me. As always a conversation ensued. I can tell immediately if I should whip out my video camera and interview the person for their interesting and/or… Continue Reading “pro ski bum”

Will Nolan Executive Chef Viceroy Snowmass at Heritage Fire

Will Nolan, Executive Chef at Viceroy Snowmass tells us of his love for Heritage Fire in Snowmass (2018)

Firefighter Stories of The Lake Christine Fire

Firefighter Stories of The Lake Christine Fire

“All traffic is shut down at the El Jebel light due to a structure fire,” I read in the text, but I didn’t think twice about it, I was heading down to a thank you barbecue for the Lake Christine Firefighters at Jill Soffer’s… Continue Reading “Firefighter Stories of The Lake Christine Fire”

Singing a Huge Hallelujah in Basalt

Singing a Huge Hallelujah in Basalt

Waking up to Highland’s Peak, bathed in the deepest soothing pastel pinks and reds, I rose out of bed and packed up my road bike. I was heading down to Basalt to get the air conditioning fixed in my Hÿûndaī. My plan was to… Continue Reading “Singing a Huge Hallelujah in Basalt”

Cruising Around Aspen

Cruising Around Aspen Below Photo Credit: Gus Goldman [su_carousel source=”media: 44234,44233,44232,44231,44230,44229,44228,44227″ limit=”50″ height=”380″ items=”1″]Bikes lined up outside of the Aspen Brewing Company on Hopkins Ave. People stuffed six packs of Brew Co.’s delicious blondes and IPA’s into baskets on the front of their bikes.… Continue Reading “Cruising Around Aspen”

Welcome to Our New AspenRealLife Podcast on RadioCMC

Welcome to Our New AspenRealLife Podcast on RadioCMC

Welcome to Our New AspenRealLife Podcast on RadioCMC Well … our media kit has been designed, thanks to the amazing Max Inc, and our new Marketing and Sales Rep is hitting the streets getting the word out about all of our incredible multi-media platforms… Continue Reading “Welcome to Our New AspenRealLife Podcast on RadioCMC”

The Forgotten Season

The Forgotten Season To live in a mountain town is to be bound to the change of the seasons. November snows invigorate the powder hounds as the sound of clicking ski boots return, and May thaws once again fills the rivers with rushing water… Continue Reading “The Forgotten Season”

Wait…What Day is It????

Wait…What Day is It???? TGIF Well we may be expecting a little rain through Sunday but since when does that ever stop us? According to Weather.Com the future looks pretty bright with sun and temps in the 50’s for most of the week (of course…we… Continue Reading “Wait…What Day is It????”

Pilates and Cryotherapy in Aspen

Getting Fixed in Aspen In an effort to find a whole body wellness program, I found Denise Searle, Owner of The Fix and The Art of Fitness, and have committed to working with her twice a week in both her Pilates Studio and her Body… Continue Reading “Pilates and Cryotherapy in Aspen”

Dietrich Minor: A Shooting Where We Can Help

This afternoon I received a FB msg, as I often do, asking if I would spread the word about Dietrich Minor, a native to Carbondale who was robbed and shot Monday evening in downtown Nashville while on his way to a friend’s house. You… Continue Reading “Dietrich Minor: A Shooting Where We Can Help”

Finding Our Locals at the Labor Day Jazz Aspen Experience

Finding Our Locals at the Labor Day Jazz Aspen Experience

Finding Our Locals at the Labor Day Jazz Aspen Experience Whenever we work an event, it is always our goal to zero in on the locals that have managed to get away from the rigmarole of their lives to enjoy a little play time (yes, we mountain… Continue Reading “Finding Our Locals at the Labor Day Jazz Aspen Experience”

BLK MKT in Aspen

BLK MKT in Aspen For we locals, it’s not cheap shopping in Aspen, but when we do decide to spend our hard-earned money we make sure to support our locally owned boutique stores. Another new concept that we keep on the look out for are the pop-up stores that… Continue Reading “BLK MKT in Aspen”

Carbondale, Aspen’s Real World Relative

The Dichotomy of Two Mountain Towns

Carbondale, Aspen’s Real World Relative The choice to live in a place as unrepentantly gorgeous as the Roaring Fork Valley likely seems to be a rather straightforward one for anyone who has been lucky enough to visit. Gorgeous, slanting mountains set an epic scene… Continue Reading “Carbondale, Aspen’s Real World Relative”

How to Make Money While Retaining Freedom

[su_heading]How to Make Money While Retaining Freedom[/su_heading] An interview with local Aspenite, Dr. Ryan Moriarty, PhD, CEO and Founder of LOLSpots, an audience development network and quality traffic source for pop culture, humor, and entertainment sites, brought insight to my burning question of how to make… Continue Reading “How to Make Money While Retaining Freedom”

Finding Talent on the Streets of New York City

William Walford Artist

How often do we find that connection with another person that happens out of nowhere and lasts forever? This happened to me on the corner of 61st and Madison while in New York City.

Living Life to the Fullest

[su_heading]Living Life to the Fullest[/su_heading] As many of you know, these past nine months have been devoted to being true to myself and my dreams of sharing the local’s perspective on living in Aspen. In order to do this, I have tried my best to… Continue Reading “Living Life to the Fullest”

Living and Breathing Freestyle Skiing

Young Freeskiers X Games

[su_heading] Living and Breathing Freestyle Skiing [/su_heading] With the Winter X-Games rapidly approaching, January 28-31, 2016, we are going to be introducing to you our local badasses of whom we respect and admire, beginning with our beloved local teenagers who have been living and… Continue Reading “Living and Breathing Freestyle Skiing”

Come Visit Aspen, We Don’t Bite!

I have been asked many questions about Aspen; “What should I wear there?”, “How will we eat if it is so expensive?”, “Why would I want to visit Aspen?” and my answers to all of these questions are, “Just come as you are and you will see that Aspen is a ski town first and foremost where the fashion is predominantly jeans and workout clothes. Sure an occasional diamond ring can be a bit distracting, and stunning BTW, and the fur comes out in the wintertime, mostly when it’s freezing but is that any reason to not visit? I should say not!”

The Ken Cole Show: Local Celebrities

This post is one example of what I mean on my business card when I say “twisted travel”. I never know who I am going to meet when I walk out my front door and so I am always prepared with video camera in my pocket.

And this is what happened to me the other day when I unexpectedly met a new kind of celebrity, The Aspen Snowmass kind and I can assure you that I will be back to visit them again!

Hosting the Winter X Games in Aspen

This past weekend was another example of living in a little mountain town where extreme things happen. It all started on Thursday when I took the boys out of school to see the competitions at the X Games. Being that it was during the… Continue Reading “Hosting the Winter X Games in Aspen”

Meeting The Cool People Who Work in Aspen

Norm, rocks out with his new badass skis in his ski tuning center

[su_heading size=”18″]Meeting The Cool People Who Work in Aspen[/su_heading] The clouds were hanging low promising snow and I was alone…for once. Now that Hootie-Hoo is in Pre-Devo with the Aspen Valley Ski Club, I have the entire weekend to ski on whatever runs I… Continue Reading “Meeting The Cool People Who Work in Aspen”

Furniture Maker David Rasmussen

In my attempt to introduce you to the tremendous of wealth of talent in our Roaring Fork Valley I came across the incredibly talented furniture designer, David Rasmussen. David lost his studio to a fire recently and is having a benefit this Friday at SAW to help him to start over. Believe me, once you watch the interview and see his furniture, you will want to be there to support him!!

An Interview on Life in Paradise

Last week I was interviewed by Charla Belinski of MomsTV. The interview revolved around the title, “Aspen: Real Life?” The other guests that joined in on the panel discussion included Janine Cuthbertson, Founder and Director of Moms for Moms Communities, and Kara Williams of The Vacation Gals and we had a whole lot of fun talking about how real it truly is raising a family in a famous ski resort town.

Watch the interview and find out if we are living in the real world…or not!?

An Interview With Kenyon Martin

Having read about The Kenyon Martin Foundation, I was determined to interview Denver Nuggets Power Forward, Kenyon Martin, so that the boys could be inspired by his initiative to give other children a chance

Saving a Friend from Avalanche Rubble

Jake Sakson, another incredible telemark skier in our valley, was with Nick DeVore when Nick was swept into an avalanche in the back country. Jake describes his passion for skiing and his philosophy behind getting after it.

Getting Buried in an Avalanche

Aspen’s native, Nick DeVore is passionate about the mountains and his telemark skis, and it is portrayed in every velvety smooth tele turn he takes.

But pushing it in the wilderness can sometimes put him in precarious positions. Nick talks to Aspen Real Life about his love for the mountains and his tele skis, his interlude with an avalanche, his survival and his respect for nature.

The Return of the Ken Cole Show

Local celebrities, they’re a dime a dozen in this town but what about the natural born kind?

If you are looking for some comic relief, here is the ongoing sequel to the Ken/Cole show. Enjoy!

The Jerry Bovino Show

The Jerry Bovino Show with Michael Conniff

I did it. I made it through the hour long interview about “Cool Bloggers” on The Jerry Bovino Show, without getting sick or passing out. I must be maturing as Aspen Real Life grows up.

Self-Help Author: Michelle Manning Kogler

“I’ve found that by clearing out old or negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs and programs, you automatically line up energetically with your desires and they come to you much more quickly – and in even bigger ways that you originally desired. This is the power of actively working with the Law of Attraction! ~ Expressed by Local Spiritual Healer, Michelle Manning Kogler

Poetry and Fly Fishing on the Frying Pan River

Fly fishing and poetry on the Frying Pan River

As I move onto the subject of healers within our valley, I thought I might start by introducing you to a man who lives a life of poetry and flyfishing, Cameron Scott.

It’s not often that one finds a person so connected to nature and spirituality and so I felt the need to follow Cameron around for a year and get to know him better.

Interview with the Editor of Powder Magazine

My title is “blogger” but I consider myself a writer and feeling the need to connect with other writers, I contacted Mike Rogge, Associate Editor of Powder Magazine for an interview.

Mike gives a witty account of what it is like to work for one of the world’s most popular skier magazines.

Fun Aspen Events Over Christmas

Walking around town with the boys I pop in to my favorite jaunts to catch the holiday buzz and find out what specials and events are taking place within the next few weeks.

If you have a Holiday special going on that you want to promote on Aspen Real Life, shoot me an email.

Living to Ski in Aspen

Beginning last week, the town of Aspen exploded with energy.

Cooking with Anton

Delving into the Roaring Fork Valley to find the colorful locals who live here, I found Anton Uhl, a true Renaissance man with a cooking show. When I left his house I drove home with a big smile on my face, thankful to have found yet another incredible person living life to its fullest.

Aspen Food Tours

Aspen Foodie Food Tours, a great way to meet the locals and find the hot spots in town.

Aspen Film’s Artistic Director: Laura Thielen

Aspen Filmfest 2010 is going on right now in our valley and is not to be missed. Art Director, Laura Thielen talks about the films.

Creative Spark Studios: Sheri Gaynor

Meet Sheri Gaynor, an incredible woman with a studio in Carbondale that is all about giving and healing through expressive art.

Getting Sazzy over a Brick of Shizzle

My little white boy brings it down with his rap song

Architect & Artist: Katalin Domoszlay

Meet the first of many locals, Katalin Domoszlay. Katalin paints from her cabin in Aspen and is here to share her spiritual perspective on her art with you.