Finding Talent on the Streets of New York City

[su_heading]Finding Talent on the Streets of New York City[/su_heading]

In impromptu interview with Walford Williams, a talented artist I found selling his art on the streets of New York City.

I woke up Sunday morning in New York City after an impromptu night of singing Karoake with the National Women’s Rugby Team. It was just what I needed, to be released out of the cage of the surreal social networking world and into the arms of women who play it real….and hard. By the end of the night, when it was finally my turn to break through the Karoake groupies and sing “Lump” by  the President’s of the USA, I had it going on and my new buddy, Sophia, came up to me proudly when it was over and took me under her arm. “This is my home girl,” she announced to the whistling crowd, she with her Grace Jones table top do and tight jeans stretched over rock hard thighs and me in my tulled long skirt and Mary Jane camisole.

I lived in New York City for three years before moving to Aspen and cabin fever hits me hard leaving me with an Inspector Clouseau twitch if I don’t get my annual fix. Usually I do not choose to go back in the sweltering heat of August, and quite often I bring my children with me. Once, I even somehow managed to convinced Baddy to come with, I think I termed it as, “just a pit stop” on our way to somewhere else. When there his badass self looked so small standing frozen in his ski coat, closed in by skyscrapers and the hustle and bustle of the city, I had to take him to Central Park to show him that there is an “outdoors”, and defrost him.

But here I was alone in the city this time, not a bad way to jump in, and I put on my sneakers, shorts and a t-shirt and ran through the lobby and out into the street, lest I be deterred from my mission of doing what I love to do, walk and explore, falling into obscure boutiques, galleries and even bars to meet people from different worlds.

I didn’t get very far before I reached Barney’s on 61st and Madison. I was looking in the windows when I saw in the reflection a beautiful yellow skyscape of the city and I had to turn around. “Are you the artist of these paintings?” I asked, and that is when I met Walford Williams.Walford Williams NYC Artist IMG_1811

Walford and I talked for an hour about his life in the city and his artwork and we shared our thoughts on life and love. He was a beautiful person of whom, of course, I had to interview. Why the hell hadn’t I thrown my video camera in my bag? Walford agreed to let me interview him on my iPhone.

When I was finished I bought one of his pieces so I can always have his energy and his talent near me as I write to all of you. His interviews are below and I am sorry Walford, that I could not portray you without all of the noise and the bad lighting but I had to share your beautifulness with my friends, good filming or not.

To see more of Walford’s creations visit his website.

Don’t forget to watch both videos and to visit Walford next time you’re in the city!

Walford 1-iPhone-cell

Walford 2-iPhone-cell

n100000259081467_509Walford’s Avatar on FaceBook

9 thoughts on “Finding Talent on the Streets of New York City

  1. Jillian: How wonderful you are as a New York woman compounding all of your other gifts to life.
    Why do we TWO not go to New York together?????
    You were meant to be a casting director, remember Venice
    beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your friend, dede


  2. Where did I lose you in the world of Blogland???? But I found you again since you commented on Heather of the EO. I’ve been following her for a long while now, and see that you two are BlogHer acquaintances? How jealous I am, of the both of you. To have met one another? 🙂

    What you did in NYC? Chatting up the artist, interviewing them? Exactly what I would love to do if I go there. I’ve been once, but I was younger. Maybe some day in the semi-near, no more daycare bills, future Hubs and I can take a trip.

    In the meantime, I’m scrolling down to read about your BlogHer experiences.


  3. If anyone can find talent, it would be you! How was New York? Want all the details.
    Had pilates class all weekend. was intense and stressful and emotional…on top of ex boyfriend wanting me back….. my brain was overwhelmed!
    Love you


  4. Hi Jillian! Doesn’t surprise me at all that you’d be at home in NYC and out there talking it up with an artist! I am so glad you had this opportunity! Now maybe the next year in Aspen will just fly by til you’re back adventuring. I’d probably be the same way if I lived here at the lake full time – egads – cannot wrap my mind around that. It is just too boo-foo for too long!


  5. jillian, love this post. i too LOVE nyc and try to get my ass out of the sometimes oppressive South to the city that i love at least once a year. i, unlike you, however, do not bring the children, or the spouse, if i can help it. it is a place that i love to travel to with my best friend or friends in general. it is a ‘run away from home’ spot for me. i love his work and his person! good for you!
    .-= Jorja White´s last blog ..A Double-Edged Sword =-.


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