An Interview With Kenyon Martin

[su_heading]No Matter Where You Come From You Can Always Succeed[/su_heading]

An interview with Kenyon Martin reveals his goal to change things for children and let them know that no matter where you come from you can always succeed.

I saw the flyer about a month ago and I was intrigued. It was for a Basketball Camp at The Snowmass Rec Center led by the Denver Nuggets Power Forward, and “Insanely Explosive Dunker,” Kenyon Martin.

Needing to avoid camp costs and a regimented summer schedule, I have not signed the boys up for very many programs. Instead, when not traveling, we have been enjoying leisurely mornings waking to fresh eggs and fruit plates. Our afternoons are spent pool hopping or floating around on neighborhood ponds in cheap inflatable boats. Not wanting to be separated from us, Muki gets pulled on her own raft that she nervously floats on.

But the boys get restless and I was elated when they all decided to try three 1/2 days of Kenyon’s “Hoops for Kids Basketball” camp.

It was exciting to watch my tall boys developing an interest in the sport. With the incredible energy of Steve Hess, the Nuggets’ Strength and Conditioning Coach, the boys got a taste for pro training as they practiced amongst famous athletes from the Denver Broncos, Colorado Avalanche and San Diego Chargers. You can bet that they were front and center with pen and paper for autographs.

When I went to pick them up at lunch they informed me that they were staying for the full three days.

No Matter Where You Come From You Can Always Succeed

An Interview with Denver Nuggets Basketball Player, Kenyon Martin

I was determined to interview Kenyon so that the boys could be inspired by his initiative to give other children a chance to succeed in life. Here is what he had to say about The Kenyon Martin Foundation on the Black Celebrity Giving website:

[su_quote cite=”Kenyon Martin”]My childhood was one of the roughest and I realize that the lack of parenting and positive role models can often lead a child to a life of drugs, crime, etc. Society has kids growing up a lot faster today and many times they are being raised by the street. I look at the peers I grew up with and the fact that Im one of the few successful ones that was able to make it out of Dallas, Texas and thrive. Whether the majority of them are locked up, unemployed or on drugs, seeing this makes you realize that it could have been you as well. I was given an opportunity to do what I love, play basketball, and I hope to give other children opportunities to do what they love as well. My goal is to do what I can to change things for them and let them know that no matter where you come from you can always succeed. [/su_quote]

To find out more about the Basketball Camps visit

To learn how you can give back and become involved with Kenyons efforts visit:

Click on Link to Watch Footage of Basketball Camp: Kenyon Martin IMG_0804



2 thoughts on “An Interview With Kenyon Martin

  1. A lot better than football and Kenyon sounds just great.
    Congrats, Jillian, you are a great Mom. So much better than me. Remember dragging around hot Europe admiring churches and famous people’s homes. Ugh!!!!! What was I thinking?


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