Self-Help Author: Michelle Manning Kogler

Self-Help Author: Michelle Manning Kogler

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I was waiting to be interviewed for the Buzz on 82 with Lynn Applebaum Aliya when I met spiritual healer, Michelle Manning Kogler , two big names for two larger than life people. We instantly connected and she didn’t waste any time asking me why I seemed unhappy. How she saw through my effervescent facade, was what intrigued me then and continues to peak my curiosity.

Michelle truly has a clairvoyant gift, and the world needs her help.  That is why I am helping her to become the next top self help author through Canary Press.

Needing to delve deeper into a world that I wish to be better tapped into, I have been communicating with Michelle, not transcendentally but through a series of written interviews, and this post is a result of our work and an introduction to her world of spiritual healing.  For the story, please help her to produce her book, Quantum Soul Clearings, by casting your vote here. You’ll have to sign in, but it only takes a second.

Jillian: When did you start having Spiritual Advisors?

Michelle: I always knew that there was a “presence” near or around me all the time.  A “voice”  spoke in my head and I experienced something like a ticker-tape with printed words in the back of my head in the occipital region.  At really momentous times, the voice and the printed message were simultaneous. But as a child, I fought being different and simply tried to shut out any “communications” from the other side.

When I went into puberty, all my psychic abilities were re-activated, and I realized – again – that I was very different from my peers. It took a lot of personal work and professional counseling for me to trust that my feelings were accurate.  All my life, I was told that what I was feeling was wrong – that it didn’t exist, that I couldn’t “know” what I knew to be true.

It wasn’t until about 2001, that I really started opening up to my “non-physical” teams of advisers and began trusting the information I was receiving.  It was when I was introduced to Spiritual Response Therapy that I learned how to work as a co-creating team with my Highest Self and Source to get accurate information for myself and my clients.  When I saw the healing that was happening within myself, my family and my clients,  I began trusting my intuition, opening more and more to my spiritual teams, and integrating  them more fully into my life.

It wasn’t until a Life magazine’ issue featured Kirlian photography, that I realized exactly what it was that I was seeing.  That issue was transformational for me – and very affirming.   I was ecstatic!  I told my friend, Mike, who was showing me these really cool pictures, “This is exactly what I see when I look at people!!”  Of course, his reply was, “No one can see these things.”  And I said, “But I can and I always have.”  I will always remember him looking at me strangely, and then accepting that I really could.

Jillian: How did your parents handle your gift?

Michelle: I don’t know that my parents recognized that I really had those gifts until I was in my 20’s.  They had no basis for understanding what I was experiencing.  When I was four I asked my mother what those colors were around people.   She looked up at me completely perplexed and I knew right then and there she really didn’t know what I was talking about.  She was really uncomfortable about the question so I quit asking and left the room.
When I was six my dad was working on a government contract to provide parts for airplanes for the Air Force.  He and a partner had a small business that they ran from our home.  I asked him a specific question about an order he had received and he absolutely freaked out  demanding to know where I’d heard that information.  I couldn’t explain how I knew what I knew.

And then there were those times that I would hear people’s thoughts and answer them.  That really tends to make people very uncomfortable!   I could feel their surprise and vulnerability.  I didn’t want to scare anyone and quickly learned that that was “unacceptable” behavior.  But not before I was labeled “different”.

By the time I was in my 20’s I was a young mother and one of the ways I could get my children to calm down and ready for bed was to run my hands or my fingers through their energy fields and “untangle” the knotted threads I could feel.

Then I found acupressure as a way to relieve my own reoccurring headaches and I learned how to use newsprint paper to chart the trigger-points of my friends and family.  When I started doing that, I realized that my hands could feel where the pain was in other people’s bodies.  This opened up a whole new world for me.

That was when my parents began to realize I had a gift.  And it made them REALLY uncomfortable!  I think my dad was more ok with it than my mom at first.  His own grandmother was a bit of a psychic.  She used to predict other people’s deaths  – which didn’t make her very popular either!  And my dad had his own very psychic abilities which had saved his life on several occasions.

Jillian: What is it like having a spiritual advisor?

Michelle: It’s a big responsibility.  It means whenever I work, I have to be very clear.  I have to put my own ego, personality and issues aside and tune into the person I’m working with, while simultaneously tuning into my teams.   I think it’s wonderful having the expertise and guidance of a group of High Light-level Beings who are dedicated to helping people heal and access their life purposes.  I almost always have wonderful results for my clients. It transforms lives.  And it has transformed my own life.

Jillian: How did you learn the tools to clear out negative emotions?

Michelle: I think, to be honest, I wanted to bring something forth that would quickly and easily allow people to make changes in their lives without having to spend a life-time in counseling and slogging through painful childhood memories.  Not that I don’t believe in good counseling, when you don’t have good life-skills or tools to get through difficult times, you really need the help of an excellent counselor.  It you need to assistance of a good medical doctor, you need to find one.  But sometimes there can be an effective short-cut.

The specific tools I use now are a compilation of everything I’ve learned my whole life.  It’s like everything kind of merged together and got compiled into one unified whole.  The key for me, I think, was learning to do Spiritual Response Therapy.  Robert Detzler developed SRT and it is a brilliant piece of work.  I absolutely loved SRT because it allowed me to finally get to some deep programming of my own.  It taught me how to work with my Highest Self and with Source to dig deep and get answers for myself and for my clients.  It also became the core of my work, where all the other modalities I’d learned could then be used as supporters to put the finishing touches on a person’s healing.

Then, about two or three years ago, I began having an awareness that there had to be a different way to do clearing work.  It felt slow and cumbersome to only work with one person at a time.  Yes I had answers, but I wanted to figure out a way that people could simply and easily clear themselves without having to learn a VERY complicated body of work.  And time is short – people need to have tools to help them make the necessary changes that will help them in this new paradigm.  I’m just one person and working with people one at a time, it would take me an untold number of lifetimes to clear the seven billion people on this planet.  I wanted to be able to work with large groups – or develop a system that people could read out and implement on their own.

Jillian: Why do you think you were given this gift?

Michelle: I’ve often wondered about this question – even as a small child.  There were many times it felt like a burden or a curse, because I didn’t know what to do with all the extra-sensory stimuli – and I was often very overwhelmed as a child.  I often wished that I had had a physical guide or teacher that could have helped me better develop these gifts earlier.  Perhaps my life wouldn’t have had to have been as hard as it was in the early years, and I wouldn’t have felt so alienated.

But as I’ve accepted my unique abilities, I’ve come to the realization that it is who I AM.  I cannot deny what I know and what I do.  It would be like stopping breathing for me.

I laugh at myself.  Earlier, I told you I’d gone back to school, thinking I wanted a degree in radiology – and I would have probably been quite good at it.  I think what I’ve wanted is a Ph.D. in what I do.  The problem is that there are no schools on this planet that have those types of degrees.  There is a quote I’ve become quite fond of:  “God doesn’t choose the qualified, He qualifies the Chosen.”  And I think that has what has happened with me.  I don’t remember choosing these gifts, they just are a part of me. How I use them for the good of individuals and the planet, however, is my responsibility.  And it is a responsibility that I have come to love.

This interview is probably my official “Coming Out of the Energetic Closet”.  I’ve told bits and pieces of my story to people over the years, but nothing cohesive or in-depth.  And I’ve realized that in writing my book I have no choice but to really “tell all”.  The world needs the message of this book and the tools in it.  I’m the person who it came through and people want to know about me and how the work came to be.  So, here I am, opening that closet door.

Thank you for sharing Michelle!

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6 thoughts on “Self-Help Author: Michelle Manning Kogler

  1. Its all in what you believe in. If you believe in yourself, your instincts, love…..then you don’t have to turn to someother source of information to convince you of what you already know, or make you think something extrodinary will happen, when its just a bunch of words. Only you can make the extrodinary happen, not some psychic.
    So put that in oyur pipe and smoke it!!! That will give you a clear view of spirituality!
    Love you


    1. Mouse, often we get too absorbed in environmental factors that bring us down and we need people who help to remind us about paying attention to the important things. Michelle does not claim to be “psychic” just very spiritually connected. And if you give me a pipe, I’ll be sure to smoke it.


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