The Ken Cole Show: Local Celebrities

The Ken/Cole Show: Aspen Celebrities
Friends will be friends. Photo lifted from their Facebook page.

[su_heading size=”18″]The Ken Cole Show: Local Celebrities, the only kind we’re really interested in up here in the mountains[/su_heading]

It was one of our last Saturdays to ski alone together, Baddy and I. The boys were in ski school, it was a bluebird day and we were looking forward to a day to ourselves to tear up the mountain, non-stop.

But first I had to go into the ticket pavilion as I had forgotten my ski pass, yet again. I left Baddy by the lift, promising to be quick as I ran into the Two Creeks ticket pavilion. He knows me better than that. Normally he comes with me to herd me along to prohibit my whipping out my camera to interview some inspirational person I find, but on this day I walked in alone.

As I stood in the long line waiting for my turn and froze in my place for there selling tickets were two doppelgängers shooting me straight to my past. One deeply resembled, Brett, my ex boyfriend of whom I left in New York City, and the other Brett’s best friend. Even the comedic exchanges were similar.

I watched in awe as the two boy/men charmingly played off each other, amusing those buying tickets and I wondered if the Aspen Ski Company knew how lucky they were to have two people who brought such incredible enthusiasm to their job. I was particularly impressed when the Brett look-alike encouraged a woman to recycle her old ski pass into a luggage tag or a coffee coaster. Naturally, I had to interview them on the spot.

Thankfully I am married to a tolerant, patient man who was not angered when I emerged half an hour later and off we went to enjoy our day.

It’s not my fault really. Wherever I go, I meet incredible people, and if I don’t stop right then and there to capture the moment on video, the opportunity may not present itself ever again.

And now I introduce to you The Ken/Cole Show our very own Aspen Snowmass Celebrities.

**Click HERE to see the follow-up of the Ken Cole Show on Aspen Real Life.

8 thoughts on “The Ken Cole Show: Local Celebrities

  1. J
    This is your “agent” speaking!
    Does your card really read TWISTED TRAVELER?”
    We need to talk.
    Your video voice intonations have “real people” casting aspects~


    1. What Dede? You don’t like Twisted Traveler? Ok, give me another tagline and let’s do another real people casting job together.

      I promise, not to throw up in your Beemer from your BonDurant driving. I promise not to fill out the fedex form wrong so that all of our hard earned casting tapes get sent back to us instead of our clients. And I promise not to get lost when bringing the talent to the set. On second thought, I think I’m better off blogging!


  2. Jillian — I saw EXACTLY who you saw 🙂 Something fairly recently reminded me of that night we were at The Cat Club, and those guys (Tom was def better, but Sam was pretty hilarious) started break dancing. I had no idea city-folk could be so free as to break dance, and it changed my NYC experience 😉


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