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pro ski bum

I was getting on the chair single, when an older man skied up to ride the chair with me. As always a conversation ensued. I can tell immediately if I should whip out my video camera and interview the person for their interesting and/or… Continue Reading “pro ski bum”

Living and Breathing Freestyle Skiing

Young Freeskiers X Games

[su_heading] Living and Breathing Freestyle Skiing [/su_heading] With the Winter X-Games rapidly approaching, January 28-31, 2016, we are going to be introducing to you our local badasses of whom we respect and admire, beginning with our beloved local teenagers who have been living and… Continue Reading “Living and Breathing Freestyle Skiing”

Hosting the Winter X Games in Aspen

This past weekend was another example of living in a little mountain town where extreme things happen. It all started on Thursday when I took the boys out of school to see the competitions at the X Games. Being that it was during the… Continue Reading “Hosting the Winter X Games in Aspen”

Living to Ski in Aspen

Beginning last week, the town of Aspen exploded with energy.

Accident on Aspen Highland’s Bowl

Accident on Aspen Highland's Bowl

I implored Wade not to wait for his painfully slow wife. I could tell that today would be another Everest-like day. One of those days where I begged him to just leave me to the elements.