Architect & Artist: Katalin Domoszlay

Meet Katalin Domoszly. A local artist living in Aspen who is on the 7th Annual Roaring Fork Artists Studio Tour, June 4th-6th.

Katalin is a talented artist, originally from Hungary, who lives in a tiny cabin by the river. To view more of her artwork please visit her website.

13 thoughts on “Architect & Artist: Katalin Domoszlay

    1. Wilma,

      You are sending chills down my spine. As your last post said, I think in the end it is all about collaboration because what good are we all one our own?? I know I’m good for absolutely nothing without all of those of whom I collaborate with, take my last post about Katalin for example.

      I’m so glad that you did not die stupid, I can’t imagine that you ever were actually. It’s hard to believe that everything in life happens to us for a reason but I’m going with that and I’m seeing where it takes me.

      Your comments are…beyond fabulous and I live for them, as well as your posts and your photographs. Who is that you are with in your header?

      I want to swim in your swimming hole and walk on the sand of your shore…not figuratively of course!!!

      Thanks for throwing your love my way, it is not a wasted effort I can assure you!


  1. “Jilly, I saw the pics of your mountain swamp monsters late last night. Those were great pics and a wonderful piece, but I was too tired to leave a comment. I love watching your boys grow up.

    I’m so glad you enjoyed the article. There are plenty of swamp creatures for the boys to play with down here. Unfortunately, a few are deadly. Most are slimy, but I guess boys like that too. “


  2. Jillian – great new ‘series’! What is not to love about this amazing artist and truly incredible person. Her artwork is surpassed only by her intelligence and beauty. Love you Kata!!!
    p.s. thanks for promoting the Studio Tour – such a fun all encompassing event. xo


    1. Seana, you are on my list to feature for your style and design! If only we all had a little bit of what you have, than perhaps we could all look like we just walked out of the cover of Vogue!


  3. Oh how fabulous! What a lovely person to feature and her art is incredible! I’m trying to catch up on blogs so this was especially nice to see today – so glad I didn’t miss Katalin!


  4. You must have very ggod karma with all you do in helping people promote themselves.
    Katalin’s artwork is lovely.
    I had a long talk with a friend yesterday about using video’s of yourself for advertising. His son is helping with the oil spill and makes videos to get information out to us all. FYI…never make video longer them 90 seconds. The average person looses attention span after 90 seconds, gets bored and doesnt’ pay attention and looses interest in the topic.
    Besides, I like your writing better.
    Hope you are having a great Memorial Day


    1. Mouse, talk to me!!!

      You’re right, I should make the videos shorter but I am loving my subjects and want to give them more time to promote themselves and their passion on my blog.

      I love that you like my writing. Are you sure I’m not boring????


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