Creative Spark Studios: Sheri Gaynor


[su_quote]The Third Street Center is designed to foster a synergistic exchange of ideas and resources among nonprofits that in turn supports programs of lasting relevance and value for our community. This made the Center an outstanding fit from a funding standpoint ฤก Tamara Tormohlen Executive Director Aspen Community Foundation[/su_quote]

When I went to the opening of the Third Street Center down in Carbondale this past June, I was amazed at the crowd pouring in and out of the new 45,100 square foot building that had been built in replacement of the forty-nine year old Carbondale Elementary School.

The energy was incredible as the community gathered together celebrating the new building and all the artists and non-profit organizations; such as CORE and Solar Energy International, that had found a new home there.

Sheri Gaynor was the reason why I was there. She had contacted me after seeing my interviews and had asked for me to come down and see what she was up to. Sheri is the Founder of Feisty Females Coaching and Consulting and Creative Spark Studios. She is also the author of Creative Awakenings: Envisioning the life of your dreams through art. The following is my interview with Sheri and Toni Grenko. Enjoy.

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