Encountering Elle Macpherson in Aspen, Again

img433Me and Elle back in 2005

[su_heading]Encountering Elle Macpherson in Aspen, Again[/su_heading]

Muki is the first girl who has not melted from Baddy’s charm and good looks and believe me he is pouring it on with her, doing what he can to win her over. Perhaps we should have named her Jennifer, the name for many of his past admirers.

How fascinating it is to bring an animal into our lives and rediscover the world of instincts. What I also find strangely fascinating is dog people. You see, I have never been much of a dog lover. Occasionally, an independent Malamute or long haired German Shepard has reached his way into my heart but in general I find dogs to be annoying. So in all of my past interactions with “dog people” I have had to feign interest in our dog conversation where they liken their “children” to my boys.

I have tried to relate by telling them that my oldest son is a dog but they usually look at me like I am the one who is crazy. Just the other day Baddy got upset when Thumper got into Muki’s crate, “That’s Muki’s place of privacy,” he said commanding Thumper out. “Really?” I wanted to say, mimicking Thumper’s reaction to anything ridiculous.

What would get to me the most was when I had babies and “dog people” would pass right by my incredibly adorable, chubby and cooing babies to comment on some mutt sitting nearby.

I had a business meeting with a super cool website designer and when he arrived, Muki was sitting on my lap afraid of the other dogs around us. “What’s up with the dog?” he asked me concerned. Lest I appear like a helicopter “doggy” parent I put Muki down.

Muki and I have been hiking up Smuggler Mountain during rush hour dog traffic to get her better socialized and to nip that protective instinct in the bud. We have become very well known over there and people are marking our progress with great encouragement. “You did it,” they exclaim after they walk by Muki who is no longer snarling threatenly to their sweet, innocent dogs.

We were enjoying the view on the platform of Smuggler when a big, black, wolf-like dog approached and Muki began her growl. I was doing my dog whispering thing when Elle Macpherson came up from behind.

Last time I ran into Elle I was trying to tame my flyaways in the bathroom at the Sundeck when this tall, olive skinned woman with very long, gorgeous straight thick hair walked in, dressed in a white ski suit with red racing stripes. My friend and I tried not to stand there with our mouths agape. When I turned to leave she said hello to me very enthusiastically.

I said hi back stunned that she remembered me. “It was great to chat with you the other night at that dinner party in Aspen,” she said and I corrected her and told her that she must have me mistaken for somebody else and that I actually knew her from a Victoria’s Secret Catalogue shoot I worked on with her in Aspen. “Oh, sorry” she said losing immediate interest and walking out.

This time I didn’t bother to bring up the fact that we knew each other. I explained that I was trying to socialize Muki. “Just love her. Without the treats,” she said, with her bandana wrapped around her head and long braids that must have been her “Colorado look”.  I wanted to say, “It’s all about the love baby. Peace out,” but I kept quiet.

Of course I know that Elle couldn’t be more right. Muki needs love and we are pouring it on. When Tucker and I put her into her crate the other night he looked at me with his big sea green eyes and soft cheeks and said, “Mommy, shall we sing her a lullabye?” and my heart melted as he sang her to sleep in a soft, high tone, “We love you Muki. Go to sleep little Muki.”

Doing 24/7 research on dogs is helping me to become more dog-minded but I think it will take me a long time before I relish a dog lick as much as a kiss from my boys. In the meantime, Muki and I will continue to work with our support group on Smuggler and slowly I might transform into a “dog person,” but the truth is that I don’t think I have it in me.Meeting Elle McPherson, Again img434

On locaction in Aspen with Elle McPherson img436On location with Elle

17 thoughts on “Encountering Elle Macpherson in Aspen, Again

  1. Hi Jillian! It will be a joy to see the BOTH of you transforming one another! 🙂 My little guy (dog) helps me with present moment living since that’s ALL they operate in – as well as the whole “expectations” thing and realizing the insanity of my control issues! Enjoy!


    1. Hi SuZen, I don’t know. Did I really need this??? She is really soft and furry though, I just wish she would stop trying to stick her tongue in my mouth, especially since she had a dead mouse in her mouth this morning!


  2. You are far more beautiful then Elle!
    You should have said to Elle when she claimed to not remember you…..I worked with you on a Victoria Secret set and made you cry…she might have remembered you then!!!!
    I am quiet sure that if she was not to self absorbed enough to have a dog…she would have someone take care of it 22/5 and would only show love when convenient!!! (OHHHH I seem so bitter toward Elle! just know how she was mean to you!)
    You know the best sociolization for Muki? The Buttermilk Dog race (I remember taking Basin and half way up, he dragged me back to the bottom!needless to say, we did not come close to winning! but I got alot of exercise!)
    It was a very fun experience and you meet so many “dog” people!
    I also remember having to get into a crate with Basin at the airport inorder for us to move to Aspen with him! he just would not get in until I got in…of course hayden tried to join us and I think Peter would have liked to lock us in and have us all shipped to Aspen! I of course was labeled a lunitic at the airport and of course was the chosen one to be searched (with the two babies and cat!)
    I heard how you were at a party at Micheles house and Jim made Muki stay outside, so you stayed outside with her instead of attending the party…..such a Jillian move!
    I love you to pieces!


    1. My Melanie-Mouse,

      I can just see Basin dragging you back down to the bottom and I can see you flying to Aspen in a crate, meowing for attention. I wonder how many people mutter behind our backs about our insanity. Good thing we could give a flying *(&^!

      Yeah, Jim ordered Muki out of the house and naturally I went with her. When the door closed the two of us were looking back in at the party with our heads cocked and I couldn’t believe that Jim had just put me outside. BAD JIM!!!

      As for Elle, the story goes like this: Elle and I were sitting next to each other on the floor in the back room of Kenichi’s after a long day shooting up at the top of Elk Camp and I said something stupid like, “it must be hard sometimes for you to empathize with people when they put you on such a pedestal.” And she felt it her responsibility to teach me the difference between sympathize and empathize. I immediately got bored and we ended with our backs to each other…nobody cried but I like that you remember the story that way.

      She did get upset when Crafts Services did not have her honey nut cheerios but I guess when you get used to getting what you want it can be difficult to not show your disappointment when your people don’t get it right. Like take me for example. In my fifteen years with Wade he still forgets that I don’t like ice in my water and that I can’t eat without a knife. What is up with these Americans anyway?

      I love you more!


  3. I dunno, I may have to respectfully disagree with Elle. We exercise love WITH the treats. I know we were supposed to eventually stop the treat rewards, but I’m tellin’ ya, our dog occasionally escapes from our yard and all I have to do is whistle once and he comes running from two backyards away just because he knows if he responds immediately there’s a treat in his future.

    Good luck as you unwittingly become transformed into a dog person. And I promise whether you want it to or not, it WILL happen. (Remind me to tell you the story of my mother-in-law sometime.)
    .-= Holly Bowne´s last blog ..Quote of the Week =-.


  4. How the HELL does she look like that in overalls??!!

    I think we are going to get a puppy this summer – my daughter has been earning points for a year now to get one. I’ve always had dogs though,growing up…so ummm…I may be one of those dog people (except I never let a dog eat from my plate or lick my face – that’s totally gross)

    Now, as someone’s comment above says, you are totally gorgeous too…sun kissed, healthy, vibrant…I see it all! Of course she came over to chat with you!!

    My 8 year old says “Really?!” too – I’m considering mocking her with it too, what do you think?
    .-= Swati Bharteey´s last blog ..The Dating Misadventures of a Single Mom =-.


    1. Hello Jen,

      It has been an ongoing joke with Wade and I that Jennifer’s have been a constant in his life. Whether they have worked for him, lusted after him, dated him or just were part of his fan club and so yes, of course, you fit in to that criteria right?

      How are you guys? Hows your stationery store and your beautiful children?


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