Ski Until You Feel the Burn

[su_heading size=”18″]Ski Until You Feel the Burn[/su_heading] It was a bit of a rocky morning before we got started. Procrastinating getting the boys and Baddy up tending to the blog was a bad idea. I ended up sabotaging our carpool, causing Baddy and I having to split and conquer to get each boy to a different mountain. “You’re messing with us,” I said to Hootie-Hoo’s AVSC coach when … Continue reading Ski Until You Feel the Burn

Hiking Highlands Bowl

[su_heading size=”18″]Hiking Highlands Bowl[/su_heading] Baddy and I had a rough start getting the boys ready yesterday morning. Axel was moving slower than usual and Hootie-Hoo woke up claiming that he hated ski school. Grumbling at each other I felt my mood plunging into anger. We herded the boys into Vini-Man and finally got on the road. My mood started to improve when I realized that we were … Continue reading Hiking Highlands Bowl