Spring Break in Aspen


View from the top of Aspen Mountain

I opened the tailgate and, once again, unloaded the car to prepare for the slopes as Tucker chatted away and people on their way to work smiled and commented.

That is the beauty of the town of Aspen, store owners, employees, families, shoppers and tourists alike all share one common thread, a love for the outdoors and for Ajax Mountain, a proud centerpiece in town. If one looks up they will see skiers gliding down majestic slopes, the spray from their skis glittering invitingly in the wake of their turns.

On our way to the mountain the boys and I passed by the local entrepreneurs and the visiting Europeans strolling the streets of Aspen alongside the Nouveau Riche unsteadily navigating the snow in tight pants, cosmetically altered faces and stiletto boots. I, a disheveled, overly caffeinated mom burdened down with ski gear, remained invisible to all.

As we got on the gondola, I exhaled a huge sigh of relief for even though I might be often overburdened by kids and gear I was about to launch into some fresh pow pow with a posse of young boys. Life was good!



10 thoughts on “Spring Break in Aspen

  1. Stiletto boots in the snow? The women must have amazing balancing skills. In Louisiana if you wear stiletto heels outdoors, you sink. 🙂


  2. How I miss skiing in Aspen in the spring. Even more, how I miss Aspen, being with my sisters and there children.
    I remember skiing in just turtlenecks….oops, that was replaced with zip ups so we would have tan necks to match our faces!
    I remember the fashion stress of what to wear skiing…we of course had to beat the nouveau riche who would wear there bunny ski outfits in stilettos up the gondola, only to hang out in the bar,,,,while we all enjoyed the outdoors and best skiing…who do you think got the better men??? Us!!!!! (atleast our men were not pretending to be single and hanging out in a bar)
    We just had soooo much rain in Boston…was begining to wonder if I was supposed to build an ark…..Finally sunny and spring starts this weekend
    Love you to pieces


    1. Melanie-Mouse,

      Your sisters miss you too! But we will all be in Nantucket together picking blueberries, playing in the waves, eating birthday cake on the beach with the seagulls.

      As for fashion, without you here there is none.


  3. Hey Jillian –

    Just checking in. I see your boys have spring break this week? We’re not til the end of the month. My mom will be in town & there will be some skiing (hopefully we’ll get another big dump by then).

    Other than wrangling your posse, I hope you’re well!



  4. Oh Jillian, once again, I can relate. Except today we had a mission, a goal. We had to beat our laps in the terrain park at Buttermilk. Last year 13, this year 14. We did it. Stop watch and all. Slowest time, fastest time, times that didn’t happen because I was in charge and pushed the wrong button. It was nice to wave at you as I zoomed by chasing my boys. I caught up with them to see them talking to their 7 pals from school that Suzanne was following after. I love to see moms and boys in the terrain park. It always reassures me that I am not the only mom who holds her breath every jump, leap, rail and lauch. Peace to you and I am sure our paths will cross again.


  5. I have never skied in my life. Holiday for us was going to the sun. I love the beauty of snow covered mountains and it must be absolutely a blast to slide down the slopes. The sliding I do is in a sea kayak, which is pretty amazing too. What a way to spend the holidays with those mountains on your doorstep. Love Wilma
    .-= Wilma Ham´s last blog ..Wilma on Accountability and safety =-.


    1. Wilma,

      I love sea kayaking, except for the motion sickness that both my husband and I get. It’s all good, being one with nature and we truly miss the ocean out here in the magnificent mountains. But we are going on Monday to Fla. wooohooooo!!!!


  6. Beautiful view! My husband would be so jealous because he loves to ski. He can’t wait until our son is old enough for him to ski too. I’m so glad you’re able to enjoy such a beautiful view. Maybe someday I’ll be lucky enough to visit Aspen myself.

    I also want to thank you so much for sending me the great photo your sister took to make Little Stuff and I feel better. You are a really sweet person! 🙂


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