Tag: My Spiritual Side

Living in a Community Extends Life

How wonderful it is to receive birthday wishes from all over the world. I am a very lucky girl and so appreciative of all of your love! Thank you for being a friend!!!

Finding Love in Aspen

For my anniversary, I’m going to share a few chapters of my book….or should I?

The Damage We Cause To Our Children

I wonder what kind of damage we are causing when we lose our tempers with our children. Think about it…

Dreaming About A Lecherous Husband

I love my husband but obviously have some deep rooted insecurities that are divulged in my dreams. He sure wished he could be privy to his lecherous behavior, in my sleep.

Training Your Husband

I decided that in order to get the attention I deserved I had to train them better. Now a few days prior to each occasion, I give them the warning and a list of things that I would like to have happen.