Catching Freshies in Highlands Bowl

On the day that Aspen and Snowmass mountains were closing, my friends and I got after it and caught the first chair at Aspen Highlands, and there were NO lines. To the tune of bombs going off, we searched for dropped ropes below the bowl and skied in the new 1 foot of freshies — and then the bowl opened, and the rope was dropped on Northwoods. Watch the Video! Continue reading Catching Freshies in Highlands Bowl

Norm, rocks out with his new badass skis in his ski tuning center

Meeting The Cool People Who Work in Aspen

[su_heading size=”18″]Meeting The Cool People Who Work in Aspen[/su_heading] The clouds were hanging low promising snow and I was alone…for once. Now that Hootie-Hoo is in Pre-Devo with the Aspen Valley Ski Club, I have the entire weekend to ski on whatever runs I choose. Now don’t get me wrong, I love skiing with my boys but only when they are not hustling me to … Continue reading Meeting The Cool People Who Work in Aspen

Hiking Highlands Bowl

[su_heading size=”18″]Hiking Highlands Bowl[/su_heading] Baddy and I had a rough start getting the boys ready yesterday morning. Axel was moving slower than usual and Hootie-Hoo woke up claiming that he hated ski school. Grumbling at each other I felt my mood plunging into anger. We herded the boys into Vini-Man and finally got on the road. My mood started to improve when I realized that we were … Continue reading Hiking Highlands Bowl