ooooh baby, it has been getting way to serious over here and so I decided to take some time off from parenting and spend the Labor Day weekend gathering some downright entertaining content.

It all began


What worry is: Worries are movies that you make in your mind complete with images, characters, scripts, you write it, film it and you run it and you watch the movie over and over and over and you continue to make new movies and before you know it you have many movies that worry about the future. All it does is take our anxiety and help it to grow. The kids feel the parents anxiety and the feel what the hell and so they push away because they don’t understand why we are so anxious, paranoid and hovering. They can’t see the movie in your mind. Stop making the movies or let the movies: this is the power of meditation. When you see yourself making your movie and see yourself in the middle of the movie, stop and let it go. the practice of meditation is nothing more than stop, let it go, come back to the moment. come back to the breathing to be right here, right now. So when you are out in the world, when you see the movie that takes you away from your intuition, you can stop.

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