Finding a True Yogi


Photo of Simon Park by Bob Neroni

Courtesy of Liquid Yoga

Yesterday I drove up to Aspen to take a yoga class at one of my favorite studios in town, King Yoga. Since quitting Bikram’s I haven’t been able to keep up my yoga routine and I miss it, the stretching, the meditation and the peace, that we all need so badly.

The classroom was overcrowded and I felt myself retreating. Ever since living in New York City I don’t do very well with crowds and I worried that this was exactly what I was not needing.

Looking over at the man next to me I asked if the studio was always that crowded on Saturday mornings. What a peaceful face he had! He looked at me with his soft, warm, brown eyes and beautiful silky silver hair that was gathered up in a ponytail, loose strands falling around his face, “It’s just grisel for the mist.”

The door opened and in the silhouette of the bright rays of the sun, in walked Simon Park, a guest teacher. I was mesmerized. He was a beautiful, peaceful man, radiating light. In the beginning of class he lead us through eight Oms that filled my body with and energy that brought on tears. Whether it was residue from my cleansing, Simon’s energy or the sadness that I had been experiencing from many of my friends and their struggles or whether it was my own sadness or complete happiness, I couldn’t place it but it was real and flowing.

After an hour and a half of thumping around my mat while watching a true yogi flow effortlessly into beautiful postures we lay down and relaxed into Shavasana. Simon quietly brought us out of our meditation and while he said his words of peace and thanks I began to silently cry again and had to bow my head for he was sitting directly in front of me and I didn’t want to draw attention to myself. I felt annoying like Julia Roberts playing Liz Gilbert in the movie Eat, Love, Pray, “For God’s sake, get control of yourself,” I said…to myself.

After class I waited for everybody to leave so that I could meet Simon. “I know that this sounds crazy but I have my video camera in the car and I would love to interview you and tap into your incredible energy,” I said and surprisingly he agreed to five minutes of my time before he went off to play in the mountains with a friend.

Simon didn’t say much but what he did say was so simply profound. If we could all live with a little more light, yoga, mediation, caring and love for each other the world would be a much better place to live in, “It’s easy!”

Enjoy the video.

12 thoughts on “Finding a True Yogi

  1. Hmmm, I wish I joined you, but then you may not have interviewed him. How wonderful that you did. I love your living shearing. What beautiful guy. Thank you! OXOXOX


    1. Katalin, you would have been drooling!

      As I knew I would, I love, love my painting that you gave me and smile at it all day long as I write in my office.

      Thank you my friend. I’m so glad that we could give each other such wonderful gifts based on our creativity alone!


  2. That was lovely. He is amazing! I took a few yoga classes last year and always found it quieted my mind. I need to get back to it again. Your cleansing tears sound cathartic. I guess without sadness we wouldn’t appreciate the happiness.


    1. Hello Vivianne,

      If only Simon were a constant in my life to remind me of how to appreciate life every moment. I guess I will have to look to other instructors to try and bring me to that peaceful place but they are very hard to find.

      Yes, you’re right, unfortunately we all have to go through the pain to receive the light.


  3. Thanks Jillian, for making it possible for his energy to reach into my home… and your wonderful energy too… I needed it on this sad, low-energy morning. And it is so true… just focusing on bringing the light into our lives, and those of others, can make an amazing difference.


    1. Hello Lisa,

      I’m so glad that I could bring you some relief. My day today is so unbelievably crazy I need to watch Simon again and again to remind me to take in the light and breathe…just breathe!

      So glad to hear from you! I hope it all gets better.


  4. Hi Jillian! Oh yes yes yes! BE the light! Love it! Hope you get to go back to that class. I’d give anything to find a Simon-type up here in the boo-foo northwoods!


  5. Hey Jillie, Simon is an amazing person! He’s is so giving and generous.. If you ever get the chance shedule a Thai massage with him! You will dwell lightened and relaxed. I hope to see you this summer. ~namaste~ Jo


  6. Jillian – what a lovely post – I am going to link it to my FB fan page (

    I have only gotten tears once during yoga- I swear it lasted a week – very emotion I had just came out and it was wonderful.



  7. I wish life was as easy as just saying a few OMNS…… We all do these classes with the hope that it will change our inner being and the world , and our our look to life (sort of like a really good haircut!) yet, once we leave, our real lives seep back into us.
    I am glad you got to experience Simon. Must have been an amazing class…and alot of tears….you know me, I am all about the pilates…tears are for tequila and girl friends!
    Love you


  8. He’s amazing isn’t he?! I got to take a class with him not long after I started King Yoga (one hundred years ago). He is inspiring and I was completely humbled – let’s leave it at that! Glad you got to experience his yoga…and he’s lovely to look at! Yoga release tears are GOOD…hard but good. xoxo


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