Enjoy Them While They Are Tweenagers


[su_heading size=”18″]Enjoy Them While They Are Tweenagers[/su_heading]

This morning I told the boys that I did the dream thing with Baddy again last night.

I had gotten home late from watching the film, An Education, at the Aspen Film Festival and I woke up Baddy so that we could have connection and catch up on our weekends. He had just returned from riding one hundred miles in one day on The White Rim Trail, an intimidating feat. “Wow, where did all this candy come from?” I mumbled, as I drifted off to sleep mid-conversation. “Jillian, your falling asleep on me again,” he laughed waking me up out of my dream. I used to do this to him all the time when we would have late nights together, pre-children.

Thumper told me that in my Book of Dreams it says that when you are dreaming of candy it means that you want to have sex. I started to ask him what exactly he knew about sex but we agreed that it was to early in the morning for that kind of conversation.

Thumpber has entered his “Tween” years and is teetering on the edge of innocence. As I get a glimpse of his teenage years to come I get more and more worried, especially since he closely resembles yours truly. I watch him lewdly dancing about the house to his crazy music that Baddy and I naively turned him on to at an early age and I know that I have a whole lot of work to do before he begins to tune out my words of wisdom. I begin by telling him to tone down his thrusts out of respect for the person that he is dancing with.

So what do you get when you pour Jillian into a boy of this generation who is the oldest in the family instead of the youngest? You get a very sassy, social, highly charged, cheeky pelvic thrusting ten year old with a hot temper.

Luckily he also inherited my father’s good humor and charm and as he does silly things like shoving my ear buds up his nose to see if he can hear the Ipod through his nose, I try to keep my sense of humor. Parenting can be so monotonous at times and I don’t see any harm in getting on their level to appreciate their humor.

When we were driving home the other day Thumper saw a patrol sign on the side of the highway that said, “DUI CRACKDOWN” and he asked me why the sign said, “Do I Crackdown”. I found this an appropriate moment to begin the conversation about responsibility.

I know that the conversation could wait a few years but he has not yet become sullen and introverted and so I feel compelled to feed him life’s lessons now before it is too late.Boys Tweenagers PICT0012


6 thoughts on “Enjoy Them While They Are Tweenagers

  1. Oh my gosh, a “tween” boy… God bless you and your husband! And yes, as the others said, he’s (well not adorable) a strikingly handsome young boy. Wait… man? He’s got good looks, like his parents. (How’s that?!)

    I can already see him breaking hearts. Reminds me a bit of my college boyfriend, actually. Great guy, cute, funny, horrid dancer… yet that’s how we met: via bad pelvic thrusting at an even worse fraternity party.

    I can’t wait to see how this story turns out! (Realizing I have a few years as you continue to raise him.) (smile)
    Great post!


  2. I think it’s great to start these talks early…we already decided that the girls are getting THE talk very young, so they will be more likely to listen and ask questions. I already had to talk a bit about death this week (Rest in Peace, Fly the frog…)
    Great photos, by the way. So handsome.


  3. When I dream about anything — death, flat tires, my teeth falling out, running, being chased by Nazis — I believe that it must somehow be related to my (often frustrated)desire for sex.

    Honestly, it is never “too early” to talk about anything important with your kids. I often talk to my just 13 yr old daughter about feminism, sex, rape (especially date rape), relationships, health, responsibility, art, education, in short, everything. The key is to use language and examples that make sense to your child and more importantly, to give your child the sense that it is okay to talk to you – about anything. Using different forms of media (TV, theater, facebook) is often an excellent place to start a conversation.

    Keep talking!


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