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Being Fit in Aspen

I feel as if I’ve been run over by a truck from the stress of the move, so what do I do now?

Hiking with the Nature Conservancy in Gunnison

Hiking with the Nature Conservancy in Gunnison With our middle son Axel, I got into my friend’s car with her two children and set off on our road trip to Crested Butte to partake in an exploratory Nature Conservancy field trip to the Mexican Cut/Galena Mountain Research Preserve in… Continue Reading “Hiking with the Nature Conservancy in Gunnison”

Hiking Canyonlands with Children

  [su_heading]Hiking Canyonlands with Children[/su_heading] Desert rocks soaking up the rain Last week I loaded up Vini-Man with a tent, backpacks and a first aid kit the size of Paris Hilton’s hand bag and took off for the Canyonlands in Utah for Brevitt’s outdoor… Continue Reading “Hiking Canyonlands with Children”