Stop Searching

I’ve been thinking alot about how when one’s mind is turned off the answers just come without searching for them. 

So I thought I’d share this story…. Over the summer I had one of those rare night’s out where my girlfriends and I were all available to go out. Baddy was probably out getting his vert on. I think we ended up taking over the @bootsybellowsaspen dancefloor with nothing but Walsak, the DJ, bartenders, and poles and railings to play with. Did you know that, “if you can ski you can dance?” ~ @bobbymoyer 

The next morning Baddy, Tuck and I went paddleboarding up at Lake Christine. Walking our boards down to the water on the gravelly, hilly slope, we inturrupted a family of cows chewing their lunch. The little ones popped their heads up, grass hanging from their toungues, far more interested in watching us than their fat mamas. 

Before this adventure Tuck and I had gone paddleboarding in the Northstar Preserve, whose water was so low from a devastatingly dry winter, Tuck was diving for treasures the entire paddle. Everytime something glittered in the sun, my little mountain boy would dive for it, breaching from the hypothermic water in a splash of glory with his treasure. He found about four pairs of sunglasses on that day.

Anyway, back to the lake. I was slightly out of it when Tuck and I were paddling and I absentmindedly dove into the cold water with my prescription sunglasses on. When I felt them sinking, rather than have quick reactions and dive for them, I yelled for my fishing warrior to dive and get them, which be did, but they had already slipped down to the murky prehistoric sediment.

We visited that lake three times to search with fins and kid goggles for those glasses, and while searching I considered that this may be one of those life tests. If I really concentrated on finding them, would I?

What I have since come to realize from that experience is that one does not find the answers if searching. The answers come only if one is being.






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