Dogsledding with the Aspen Animal Shelter

[su_heading]Dogsledding with the Aspen Animal Shelter [/su_heading]

As one thing tends to lead to another, Hootie-Hoo’s school project to encourage people, especially his mom, to save a dog lead to our getting our very own special dogsled adventure with Seth Sachson. Dogsledding on the Rio Grande Trail with the Aspen Animal Shelter was a remarkable way to experience the beautiful relationship between Seth and his dogs.

With springlike conditions softening and melting the snow we had to get the ride in as soon as possible and so we met Seth after school at Jaffee Park in Woody Creek.

Hootie-Hoo and I were a bit early (can you believe it?). While waiting we suddenly could hear the dogs barking off in the distance as they approached in the trailer. Hootie-Hoo’s ears perked up and his excitement began to grow.

After all of the road bike rides and walks I have taken on the Rio Grande Trail this was an exhilarating new way to explore the beautiful trail as we swooshed up towards Aspen with the dogs exuberantly pulling the sled (Seth ran next to us on the uphill so as to lighten the weight). Hootie-Hoo was in complete heaven and didn’t mind the slush being kicked back creating a Narniaesque feeling as the ominous clouds hovered over the mountains threatening a much anticipated snowstorm (watch video below).

Seth was an awesome tour guide letting Hootie-Hoo steer the sled with him and telling us all about his life with the dogs who live to be running outside. Where he doesn’t claim to be a “mountain man” he is often alone with them in the great outdoors taking them on daily 3-6 mile excursions. The adventure we were on was nine miles round trip. When training for a race he takes the dogs up Independence Pass, Ashcroft or the Maroon Bells making sure that they take rests along the way.

It has been a wonderful experience being privy to this private excursion with Seth and his dogs and we are looking forward to more adventures with him to come.

*Seth does not offer this service to the public but you can call Krabloonik for a Dog Sled Ride through the pristine Snowmass backcountry for over an hour. Each sled, which can carry two adults and a small child, is pulled by 8-10 Alaskan Husky sled dogs and are guided by an experienced musher.

**BUT you can hang out with the pups at the Aspen Animal Shelter any time that they are open. Click here for more information.

***YES, Seth is single…..

Dogsledding the Rio Grande Trail

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