Why Children Need Grandparents

Why Children Need Grandparents Aspen LAX boys

[su_heading size=”18″]Why Children Need Grandparents[/su_heading]

It all changed a few summers ago when wanting our then 13 year old to experience the deliciousness of no plans or schedules after all the stresses that school brings, we decided to allow him to truly enjoy long languid days spent hanging with friends. BIG MISTAKE! This is when his desire to completely sever any and all parenting began to fester.



NPR Elephant Sketch
NPR Elephant Sketch

There is a great NPR story documenting why we need grandparents and the importance of matriarchs and patriarchs in the animal kingdom. This story refers to young elephants on a game reserve in South Africa who, because of overcrowding, were placed at Pilanesberg National Park reserve, without their elders. Things went disastrously wrong. The elephants went wild killing rhinos and attacking tourists,

[su_pullquote]When young male elephants approach sexual maturity, they go through a phase called “musth,” where testosterone floods in at up to 60 times the usual levels, making them highly aggressive, irritable and dangerous. This usually lasts a short time but not for the Pilanesberg Park males: They entered musth earlier and stayed in it longer, much, much longer. Instead of weeks, their frenzies lasted months in one case for “as many as five months,” reports J.B. MacKinnon. Why were these episodes happening for so long? Why weren’t they un-happening? That’s when elephant scientists had a suggestion. In ordinary herds where there are lots of big, older, respected male bull elephants around when a teenager goes through his wild phase, he will get slapped down by a larger, older male. The younger male will attack, and when he’s beaten … something chemical happens …”. “Says J.B.MacKinnon: “After standing down to a dominant bull, the rush of hormones in the younger male stops, in some cases in a matter of minutes.” The cue to turn off the testosterone comes from getting bonked. So biologists suggested reintroducing a group of elders into Pilanesberg. Six older elephants arrived, did what oldsters do to rambunctious youngsters, and not long thereafter, says MacKinnon, “the killing of rhinoceroses stopped.” The verdict: The young elephants went wild mostly because there were no older elephants around to keep them in check.[/su_pullquote]

[su_heading size=”18″]Teens NEED adults in their lives[/su_heading]:

“You need parenting!!!” is what we continuously tell Thumper when we are being met with resistance. There is an advantage to this that he may not get at the moment but it gives him an excuse to blame his strict parents before making poor choices and therefore hopefully, abstain from actions that could result in negative implications. Did you know that being strict is the new cool?? No?

[su_heading size=”18″]The toughest part of parenting teens[/su_heading]

I get that the toughest part about parenting is the resistance and anger one receives when laying down parameters, but what Baddy and I have learned is that the anger is a result of the possible scheming of a plan where authority is unwanted and we are getting in the way. The angrier they get, from punching in walls to threatening to leave home, the more scheming the plan.

Here’s a tip for you, if your teen threatens to run away to another family that has less rules and is more lenient than you, let him/her know that any family harboring a minor could get in serious trouble. We don’t want that now do we? So instill the parameters now and stick to the rules because soon your strength as a parent could and will weaken.

Hang on with your teens and don’t buy into the anger or the threats. You are still their parents and you rule!

[su_heading size=”18″] A typical conversation with our teen[/su_heading]

Thumper: Why can’t I go camping with friends?

Baddy: I know you really want to have your total freedom and go somewhere far away from where any parents can find you playing

as hard as you possibly can with girls who have twice your experience but it ain’t happenin’ final final.

[su_box title=A Conversation with Your Teen]

Thumper: Why can’t I have double sleepovers?

Baddy: With certain parents, a sleepover at their house means the same as going camping.

Thumper: Why can’t I jump into the raging river?

Baddy: Actually, why don’t you? Here, let me help you take off that life vest.

Thumper: Why can’t I drive with friends who just got their license?

Baddy: Because it is against the law and not safe and our goal as parents is to keep you safe.[/su_box]

Why Children Need Grandparents



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