What to do with Family in Colorado Springs

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs
[su_heading size=”18″]What to do with Family in Colorado Springs[/su_heading]

On the last day of our trip around Denver, we crammed in the final activities listed on our itinerary. Visiting first the  Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, opened up in 1926 to provide a place for Penrose to house his collection of exotic animals. I’m guessing having a sea lion waddle in from the lake and down the escalator at The Broadmoor to harass people at the front desk didn’t bode well with the staff or guests.

The zoo had an impressive layout making it easy to get nice and close to the animals. There also was in place an impressive interactive program for visitors to explore the culture and habitat of the animals.

Moving on, we drove over to Cave of the Winds to scale the Wind Walker Challenge Course. I was hoping that I could stay below and watch as my children navigated the swinging ropes and ladders with nothing but a harness to keep them from plunging down 600 feet into Williams Canyon. When I was told that I had to get on up there with Tucker and help him with his harness, I wasn’t sure who was helping whom. That’s the thing about children, they keep you young, when they are not giving you grey hairs.

Cave of the Winds to scale the Wind Walker Challenge Course
Cave of the Winds to scale the Wind Walker Challenge Course

Although sad to wrap up our adventure, I was ready to play with friends my own age and devoid of humor when the boys behaved exceptionally silly at the Creamery in Manitou Springs, with their shorts hiked up high and their baseball hats inside out. I left them and sat outside in the pouring rain with my peppermint stick ice cream. It was time to leave.

Now that I have recovered, I am so glad that we did it, for it was a trip that they will always remember. Soon, I will be ready to hit the road again and explore more of Colorado with the boys. And one day I hope to take this family writing global and live in a treehouse in a rainforest in Costa Rica, or something…But first, off to Nantucket…today.

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