Parenting Madness Before Packing for a Trip

mayhem in my office

The other night Baddy looked at me strangely. “What?” I asked as I ran around the house barefoot with three boys asking me questions and following me around like baby ducks.

I was getting us ready for our trip to Telluride where the boys will be competing in their last freestyle event for the season. “Are we going to be with our friends?” Thumper asked concerned that I had procured a writing gig and we were staying at a “Luxury Mountain Resort” instead of a packed condo with all of his friends. “Did you know that an Alaskan Inupiaq Native won the Iditarod?” Feisty-One asked, referring to a project he is working on in school. And then I heard the little, “Mommy, but mommy….,” coming from Hootie-Hoo who really had nothing to say but felt the need to be part of the commotion.

I was thankful that I had that inner peace that Stefan had instilled in me, for otherwise I might possibly be a loose cannon ready to blow. Instead, I was like Julie frickin’ Andrews in The Sound of Music, ready to break out into song. I was thankful for my quirky family and appreciative of the awesome fact that with a 6, 9 and 11 year old, the time was now to enjoy them and not let them drive me mad, for soon that madness would be gone and I will most likely go mad from the lack of it.

One conversation enabled me to let go of things that were troubling me, holding me down in a vice grip, drowning me. Sometimes, if you can, it’s good to walk away from things that are too much of a struggle and return to them later and let things happen on their own accord.

As spring break rounds closer, I have decided that since I will be home all break without any plans, as the rest of my friends jet off to some place warm and far away, I will write for the sake of writing and let the business end lay low.? I’m sure I will have plenty of material and frankly, I have been getting feedback from people close to me, like my Aunt Tutti, that they miss my writing about the? daily nuances.

In fact, I’ll start now by telling you how my office smells like dog and tweenager since we told Thumper that he can no longer have his computer in his room. As a result, he and Muki are slowly taking over my space with dog bones and tween paraphernalia. The two of us on our computers, he skyping all his girlfriends and editing his own freestyle movies and I blogging about it all. It’s all so humorous, if I take the time to think about it, Thumper deciding that the only way he can get out of bed in the morning is if I drag him out and Hootie-Hoo telling me that he doesn’t buckle his seat belt because, “I’m like that,” and little soft spoken Feisty-One blowing us out of the water by making it into the USASA 2011 National Championships and telling us at dinnertime that he has his? first girlfriend.

And now, off we go on another journey, this one not so metaphysical. We can only hope that Baddy and I won’t embarrass our children by letting loose too much and doing Karoke to ACDC. I think I’ll have to leave my cameras in the room, except for the tiny one for it’s no secret, I’m always packing.

6 thoughts on “Parenting Madness Before Packing for a Trip

  1. Thank you for your dedication and reporting back on your family life –
    I really missed that. But I must tell you that the most outstanding anecdote of the Livingston household was not one of your blogs but Brevitt’s Email
    to his grandmother Nicky when he wrote in his own style how he extracted his brother’s tooth and saved the family money.!!!! Loved it. But I do enjoy your blogging. Sending love


  2. I always told my children, “Someday you’ll miss me doing the bunny dance!” The bunny dance is a “the muppets meet the dorks” movement, and my children used to beg me not to do it. I have to admit, it is rather painful to watch in the mirror, but it IS funny – and funny looking – and fun to do. I’ve threatened to make a video of it and post it to YouTube, just so that they have it to embarrass their own children. I can’t tell you how many awful rock songs I’ve ruined for them (that WAS the point!) with the Bunny Dance.

    Keep up the great work, Jillian! It’s what family legends are made of!

    Love your posts,


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