Im a Blogger and Im Proud

When I got home after my aforementioned bike ride I was informed that Muki had chewed through the wire of our answering machine and that the boys were still famished. “I’m off duty,” I said as I tried to whip up something to fuel my poor depleted body. But evening a grueling bike ride up a mountain was not sufficient enough for me to feel the escape I was desperately needing. As Wade and I put our foreheads together amongst the chaos I said,

“You know how I take the kids all the time on weekends to Denver or for a month in Nantucket? Do you think you could find one weekend to go somewhere with the boys and without me?”

“That sounds great in theory but the reality is that the Thursday before we would be leaving you would insist on coming,” Wade replied.

“Don’t think you know me so well. I have been secretly feeling like Mayze again, from Horton Hatches the Egg, and am having evil thoughts of flying the coup only to return when the boys are all grown with manners and an attention span,” I whispered.

Later that night I stole away to my office to see if I could find the reprieve I was looking for, and there it was, not one but three awards and a heart warming email from my wonderful online friends who don’t take me up steep pitches but instead get me down from the precipices I tend to dangle from. I shut my eyes and took in the beauty of it all, this web where I am not just finding love in the places I feel safe in but globally, even in Egypt and India, places I have always wanted to travel to but have not yet found the path to physically take me there.

SuZen, what can I say without making you feel as though we are volleying in a tennis match of compliments. You give me the momentum and confidence I need to keep on chugging away just when I am ready to cash in…okay that is the wrong expression…when I am feeling like a lion out of the jungle or a fish out of water or a duck out of the pond. Thank you Sarah from Mommy Lite Online and CJ from Killing Superwoman for the awards, and Vivianne, thank you for that award that you gave me back in January where I was too overwhelmed to post it. You are all my rocks anchoring me down in this crazy cyberspace pushing me to hang in there and succeed both physically and mentally and I thank you.

I have to say that social networking, albeit very important, is proving to be to time consuming during the summer months and so instead of listing ten new bloggers that I have not mentioned already, I would like to introduce everybody to the wonderful writer’s from my Aspiring Writer’s Group at Mom Bloggers Club. Please stop by to check them all out, we have an incredible writing support group going on.

With these rewards I am asked to share ten things about myself that you might not already know, so here goes:

1) I like my husband, a lot, and like to roll around with him more than the average wife who has been married for eleven years.

2) When small dogs yip at my feet I feel an incredible urge to kick them into left field.

3) When I laugh really hard I start crying…just as hard

4) I buy horses after I drink too many tequila shots

5) I can’t handle my alcohol

6) When the full moon is out, I have no friends

7) I, who detest diets, have just started Isagenix where I will be doing a thirty day nutritional and cleansing health regime and I just might post before and after pictures on my blog. Email me if you care to join me.

8) I still love the perfume Opium and whenever I smell it I get brought back to my teenager years where I lived in a house under construction in Nantucket and often woke up on the exposed rafters with somebody I didn’t know sleeping precariously next to me.

9) No matter how old I am, I will never stop dancing

10) I am an avid dreamer and in every dream I am meeting new friends at a party.

So there you have it. Stay tuned for photos of 4th of July in Breckenridge. That mountain town rocks. Go to Today’s Capture for a sneak preview.

10 thoughts on “Im a Blogger and Im Proud

  1. Hi Sweetie! Well hells bells, I’d have given you an award too but you know I’m such a darn techno bimbo I skip all of that stuff! haha!

    I think it’s brilliant that you asked Wade for a time off duty kind of weekend – cute that he thinks you’ll change your mind last minute! He needs to put that to the test, eh? Betcha won’t!

    First time I sent the kids to a weeks worth of summer camp I was beside myself with the joy of freedom – barely accomplished a thing cuz I was so stunned by the quiet. Next year tho – whoa – different! Every mom deserves this break – it preserves our sanity (which let’s face it, is always rather in question!) Tell him I said DO IT! (Have a friend tie you up when they leave!)


    1. Hi SuZen, I do feel the pull of wanting to all be together as a family and knowing that I need to take the breaks when I can. At this point, I know that I need it but who knows if and when it will happen.

      As soon as the boys are asleep my husband starts to lurk and I can tell you that even though I still lust after him after eleven years I NEED ME TIME nevertheless.

      The bonding won’t be necessary, my list is long of things I’m jumping at the gate to do.


  2. I can’t handle my alcohol either. I start giggling like a blushing school girl and the world looks just a bit more hilarious than it normally is.

    Your diet sounds interesting but cleanses scare me!


  3. I too have a husband that I really like after 13 years! We have a lot of fun together. I also cannot handle my alcohol (although I used too) and instead of just crying when I am laughing hard…sometimes I pee…just the tinest bit. I usally have to leap up and run to the bathroom.

    Jillian, you really are a talent and an inspiration. Isn’t it wonderful in the midst of all our chaos, that we get to do what we love adn get to be with who we love. It keeps us moving – doesn’t it?

    Kudos to ya.
    .-= CJ´s last blog ..Quiet Sleepy Moments =-.


  4. I loved this and the opportunity to get to know you! I also am still madly in love after 15 years together, and the man makes me laugh when I want to cry. Let me know if you pull off the “husband away with the kids” thing – I’d love to know the magic words!
    Thanks for having me in your MBC group. I look forward to reading more from you and about you!
    .-= Alysia´s last blog ..Our Lips Are Sealed =-.


    1. Alysia,

      At one point in our lives, before we had to put our house on the market, we had our Saturday afternoons together where we would bike/hike and go out for a date. Now?? He just comes up to me and starts hovering and we scoot upstairs as fast as we can before somebody comes to try to pick the lock open on our bedroom door.


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