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If your hair was bristling on the back of your neck when you read the title of this post don’t worry, you were not alone. I received a catalog in the mail the other day and I started hyperventilating. The front cover had children decked in brand new hip clothes and stylish haircuts and they were running excitedly back to school. No doubt, my boys are excited to move up a grade and be an even bigger “man on campus”, but there is nothing that is more exciting then summer…without school. It feels like it was just yesterday that my boys were singing Alice Cooper’s song, “School’s Out For Summer”.

As I flipped through the catalog, I had an image of the boys returning to school with choppy haircuts, courtesy from their mom, and hand me down threadbare clothes patched together with my, unopened, three year old sewing machine. Boys will be boys, and I have learned to save our money and not buy new clothes that will have holes in the knees after being worn five times. Perhaps we will start a shabby chic trend in grade school.

Thankfully, the calendar reassures me that there is still another twenty one days left before school starts, giving us a little more time to enjoy the summer groove that we have all finally gotten into.

As parents, we are all different in the way we embrace the summer and respectively the way we bring it to a close. June is always a welcome season when the hectic schedule of school and sports finally comes to an end. As the snow melts from the mountain peaks and the air begins to warm, my boys and I quickly shed our winter skin and quickly adapt to the nonchalant swing of summer. We lounge around in our pajamas until the mood compels us to prepare for our action-packed afternoons of swimming, bike riding and hiking. Actually, lounging sounds good in theory but in my family, if the boys don’t get out of the house by 11:00am they will get restless and start destroying the house.

When July arrives, I review the summer activity list that I made during the cold winter months and I begin to transfer the list into my daily planner, lest we should forget our favorites. Summer accelerates into August and high anxiety sets in. My husband tells me that I need to stop panicking about the future and enjoy the present. I try to listen but I know that these days will flash by faster than green grass through a goose. I am determined to have the boys jump off of Strawberry Rock into the refreshingly cold Frying Pan River, take the gondola to the top of Aspen Mountain to hike along the ridge in the wildflowers and listen to the bluegrass music, go fishing and build boats to float down the creek passing through our yard.

My husband is right, I must enjoy each day as it comes and so tonight I will enforce the evening family walk and we will bask in the sun’s warm setting rays before the autumn chill sets in. I will also wake the boys up late at night, wrap them up in blankets and bring them outside to lay under the velvety tapestry of the summer sky and sleepily search for shooting stars.

Many of us have twenty one or more days to mentally prepare ourselves, and our children, for the impending day where we will all have to get back on that strict routine of school, sports, homework, dinner and then the triple B’s; bath, books and bed. But for now, the arrival of August merely provides us with a warning that it is time to dive into summer with a vengeance and enjoy nature’s great offerings before the month of September rolls in. So jump in and enjoy the splash!PICT0074_2

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6 thoughts on “Back to School, Not So Fast My Friends!

  1. Hi Jillian!
    My 27 yr old son just signed up for college (he was in the Army 6 yrs. and is finally now starting back where he left off before 9-11). I said “Yippee! When do we shop for school supplies!” he laughed and said “Uh, that’s ok mom. I’ve got it covered, haha!” (See mom pout!)

    You never quite let go of some “traditions”!

    What I’m going to say here is NOT meant to dampen your spirits about providing entertainment for them during the summer. I used to knock myself out too, planning stuff, scheduling FUN, keeping them occupied, etc. But truth be told, as adults now, these “kids” remember precious little of any of it. I created memories for ME, not them, and I now find myself telling them “stories” of outings because frankly they don’t remember diddly about their childhoods!

    Bummed me out too. I had convinced myself when they were younger that I was creating memories for THEM – oh hahah! Probably 75% of what I did with them, all creative and fun I thought, was totally not necessary in the bigger picture of things but I guess it made me feel I had some valuable input at the time.


    1. I agree with Heidi, thanks for taking the weight off of we moms who feel the need to be social directors with our children! Why didn’t you tell me that at the beginning of the summer???


  2. Love the previous response from Suzen because I can just relax and quit worrying about doing 110% (or even 80%) about things the kids won’t remember later anyway. I’ll just work more on keeping my interactions quality and quit trying to stuff as much as I can into the day.
    I think I’m psyched its almost back-to-school. We love our routines around here.
    🙂 Heidi


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