Building Relationships

Right now, all over the world, people are reaching out to each other and new relationships are being formed. So many of us throughout the world are in a constant state of despair and hopelessness moving through space in an anxious state of mind. There are also many of us who are feeling the results of slowing down and tuning better in to nature and ourselves and thus experiencing bouts of pure joy mixed with guilt for feeling happy when others are suffering. Then there are the mask wearers and the naysayers who believe to their core that mask wearers are living in fear and refusing to take that stance, regardless of who they may hurt along their pride path.

There are those who are lonely, and those who have embedded themselves in their pod. Their tribe. Not letting others in, or out for that matter because once one ventures out it is too risky to let you back in. Then there are those who leave it up to fate, knowing that everybody is going to get it at some point, not letting themselves think about the lasting impact it may have on their health or the health of their families.

For myself, as someone who loves to explore new places and people, I have had no desire to insert myself into a scene where no precautionary measures for safety are being taken, but rather than travel across the emotional landscape of questioning why, I allow them to be them and I to be me. I refuse to judge and take on that stress. But, I have been restless with a desire to go on adventures and connect with others. And that is when Solomon Liston, Owner of SLR Relations stepped into my life through retired Marine Sargeant Sergeant Kirstie Ennis. And if I go further back, the connections all began with my sponsor at FirstBank, when the Roaring Fork Valley President Dave Portman suggested I reach out to Kirstie to speak at an event. Kirstie and Solomon are good friends.

When Solomon and I connected over a coffee chat I immediately realized that I had found my Man About Town for Glenwood Springs. As someone who thrives off of the energy of good people, I am constantly looking for those who have their roots and branches spread wide in their community, attracting what they put out. As a raft guide for White Water Rafting, LLC, and a man whose business is based on helping people to grow their business by helping grow their relationships so a FAM Tour in Glenwood Springs was born.

Service and relationships are the core of every business. In today’s market, companies are easily distracted with bottomline, advertising and marketing fads, while loosing sight of the principles of which all of these are based, a valued service and genuine relationships. SRL Relations, LLC engages your company in an active conversation to sharpen and excel your team’s profit by dynamically assisting the team to realign their focus to these foundational principles of business, and assist in representing your company’s commitment to excellent service and authentic relationships.  Turns out he, Stacey and Owen are all Glwd Springs natives.

Goodbye Glenwood Springs. My love for you is real!

I’m so glad to be connected to all my new peeps.

Thank you again Visit Glenwood Springs for hosting our delicious lunch at The Hotel Colorado. Thank you also Hotel Denver for a relaxing stay at your beautiful and well sanitized hotel. And to Erik and Phoebe Larsson, owners of White Water Rafting, LLC, you have the most fun team of raft guides and a tight operation, and I cannot wait to do more with you. And big love to Vinny, owner of Brava Modern Trattoria. All the incredible reviews on you and your restaurant on trip advisor are so true, your food was so fresh and exciting for the tastebuds, and your charm and grace were as enticing, but perhaps not as angelic, as your Tiramisu and Crème Brûlée.

My largest thanks pours out to my videographer, Nicolas Rojas. You are a wonderful, hard working young man going places, but not before we do more gigs together.

AND 🥁🥁🥁BIG HUGS AND KISSES TO THE FABULOUSLY FUN, INFORMATIVE, and most loved “Man About Town” Solomon Liston, as well as Stacey Novak, VP FirstBank. To connect with you two made my FAM Tour everything I had envisioned, and so much more. You are my new “plus two” and boy what fun are we going to have together.

The blog post on will be coming soon. Make sure to subscribe to the blog to keep updated on the story and all of our fun adventures in our Roaring Fork Valley.

Reach out if you would like for me to visit your business or experience your adventures! 💗💗💗With Love From Aspen Real Life #stayreal

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