Oct. 6th – 15th Annual Colorado Western Slope College Fair

15th annual Colorado Western Slope College Fair

15th Annual Colorado Western Slope College Fair

The Colorado Western Slope College Outreach College Fair has always been free of charge and has each year connected more than 2000 high school students from 82 Western Slope schools with more than 240 nation and international college admissions representatives. This is the largest educational event on Colorado’s Western Slope. The College Fair will take place Sunday, October 6, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. at the Aspen School District.  Registration is still open and highly encouraged.

Choose the College Best For You

Photo by Michele Cardamone Photography

Going to college is great for many high school graduates, but it’s not the only option.  Attend the 15th annual Colorado Western Slope College Fair and talk to over 240 college admissions representatives but also investigate options to college that will keep graduates from living in their parents’ basement.=

For those who may not feel a traditional four-year college journey is for them, several excellent options will be presented at the Practical Pathways to The Degree You Want Workshop, one of over 30 free workshops and panel discussion that take place in conjunction with the fair.

Want to be a Pilot?

Learn about the American Airlines Cadet Academy. Enroll in this developmental program to train potential pilots who are coming straight from high school. This is a rigorous and well vetted program.

Two-Year Colleges

Several two-year colleges with highly regarded certification programs will discuss career and technical programs that will get high school graduates the credentials to work in competitive paying jobs in a short period of time. The Colorado Workforce Center and Job Corps will also be on hand to present viable options and answer questions.

“Going to a traditional four-year college is great for many students, but there are so many pathways to the degree that you want,” says Kathy Klug, director of Colorado Western Slope College Fair and College Outreach. “We will explore several of the educational options students have that allow them to afford a life after high school.”

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, high school graduates can expect to earn approximately $17,000 a year. With continuing education that number rises exponentially.

Other workshop session topics include:

·      The College-Bound Student Athlete

·      Financial Aid and Scholarships

·      Highly-Selective School

·      Small Colleges, Big Impact

·      Many others

240 college admissions representatives are coming to the Western Slope to engage with high school students, answer questions, explain programs, and provide school and program specific literature. Over 150 community volunteers, private donors, family foundations, and grants have made this event possible for students and families on the entire Colorado Western Slope.

“The college admissions process should be a four-year conversation,” says Klug who suggests even parents with high school freshmen should attend. “This is an event to shop for your future!”

For a full listing of attending colleges, workshops, special parking directions, and other information about the college fair please visit www.cwscollegefair.org, or email collegeoutreach@aspenk12.net, or call 970-925-3760 ext. 1174.

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