Roaring Fork Valley Organizations Helping Teens and Families

Roaring Fork Valley Organizations Helping Teens and Families

It has been an honor and a journey connecting deeper with the incredible counselors and programs available to our teens in our Roaring Fork Valley, and learning about the organizations helping struggling adults, families, teens and children.

I invite you to watch all of the short interviews so that you may get a better understanding of each organization, and who to reach out to for your needs, or the needs of somebody you love.

Sarah Fedishen, The Family Resource Center of the Roaring Fork Schools

Meet Sarah Fedishen, Director of Family Services at The Family Resource Center of the Roaring Fork Schools. The Family Resource Center of the Roaring Fork Schools strengthens student health, well-being and academic achievement by partnering with families, schools and communities.

Michelle Muething and Sandra Iglehart of the Aspen Hope Center

The Aspen Hope Center provides a specific array of services that were designed to decrease the stress of navigating the convoluted system of mental health and most importantly, to tighten the reins on the gaps found in the services provided in the valley.

The Aspen Hope Center provides a 24-hour confidential Hopeline (970-925-5858) to ensure that anyone who calls for help reaches an on-call clinician anytime day or night, seven days per week. Having one place to call makes all the difference and the immediate response ensures the person calling receives the appropriate help in a timely manner.

Craig Farnum is a school-based clinician at Basalt High School for the Aspen Hope Center and will be speaking at the Aspen Connect Helping Teens Symposium on Monday night.

Craig has a passion for helping students improve their mental health so that they can be successful and happy in school and life. Craig has been an educator for 18 years and has worked with students and families in the roles of middle school counselor, high school counselor, college counselor and college psychology instructor. Craig is a Nationally Certified Counselor and holds a Ph.D. in Counseling & Educational Psychology.

Jonathan Greener Stepping Stones

Meet Jonathan Greener, Assistant Director of Stepping Stones, a community based youth mentoring program that operates drop-in centers for youth and young adults, ages 10-21. All services and programming offered are free.

Meet Emily Supino, Aspen Strong Director. Aspen Strong was founded as a response to Pitkin County’s alarming suicide rate, promoting mental hygiene and connecting the mental health resources in the Roaring Fork Valley. is an inclusive website of resources providing community members, referral agencies, and their loved ones with anonymous mental health screenings supported by Screen for Mental Health Inc, a community calendar of support groups, and local resources to improve access to care. Aspen Strong supports a vision in which valley-wide businesses, employers, service organizations, and governments will include mental hygiene within their organizational structure, thus creating larger capacity to support individual and collective mental hygiene practices supporting resilience of our community, and increasing overall well being.

Michaela Idhammar-Keptura Aspen Youth Center

Aspen Youth Center is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a safe and supportive place where youth connect, learn, and grow during their out-of-school hours.

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