Celebrating Bob Beattie an Aspen Legend

Celebrating Bob Beattie an Aspen Legend

One of the greatest things about being Aspen’s local blogger since 2009, and raising children in this valley, is that I am able to be in the core of our community. Yesterday was one of the days where I dove in. With many Aspen generations present, from newborns to grand-parents, we celebrated the life of Aspen legend and co-founder of the Alpine Skiing World Cub, Bob Beattie,at the Aspen Highland’s Alehouse with an AVSC Rail Jam & GS Ski Races, and Giveaways.

Bob Beattie Ski Legend

I actually met my husband when he was working for “Beats” back in 1995 with Bill Madsen. He was fresh off the boat from Denver, and I … having already lived here for five years and was thinking of moving to Pacific Heights in San Fran for a boyfriend of whom I had met at the top of the bowl … had just moved in for the kill. At the time though, I was working in film production for another incredible long-time local legend, Dede Brinkman. Dede was the owner of Aspen Productions and the film-lord of our town, along with; Ziska Childs, Tami Solondz, Jesse Vare, Paula Troobnik, Jim & Liz Stryker, Wingers, the Carter family; Dick, Claudette, Chase and Carter, and so many others.  It was an amazing time back then in 1995. And to think what fun they all were having 20-40 years prior. We used to brag about our Après-Ski; the Tippler, Paragon, Andrès, The Little Nell, The Red Onion, The Slope. To all reunite at events like yesterday at the alehouse to celebrate Beats and the multi-generations of skiers and snowboarders, was a beautiful thing.

Beats was also head coach of the U.S. Ski Team from 1961 to 1969 and skiing promoter and commentator for ABC Sports and ESPN. He lived in Woody Creek since 1970 and passed away April 1 at the age 85.

[su_box title=”AEF”]The Bob Beattie Ski Foundation advocates for expanding affordable access to skiing and ski racing, seeking to help athletes leverage their unique skills and character traits by connecting athletes to business opportunities and mentors. BBSF is dedicated to preserving and sharing the history of head-to-head ski racing, especially the short but highly influential heritage of the World Pro Skiing Tour. We champion head-to-head racing as a primary form of ski racing at all levels.[/su_box]

Celebrating Bob Beattie an Aspen Legend



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