Breathwork At The Aspen Chapel with Eliza Kane

[su_quote cite=”Dalai Lama “]Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that’s very important for good health. [/su_quote]

It seems as though with each transitional season we fool ourselves into thinking that life will slow down, but rather, life escalates. Lately, my conversations with others have consisted of quiet confessions of self-preservation, and how to stay sane and on top of it all lest we spiral with one sip of a Margarita, or, for many in this town, a pull on a Vape.

It makes sense that April is “Health Awareness Month,” a time to reset before the onslaught of summer. We’re pretty aggro up here, stepping in full force into whatever we are trying to accomplish, so it’s good to hone in on health, if only for a month.

From the inception, Aspen Business Connect has propelled me towards that place I’ve been meditating on reaching, for over 9 years. Now, how to keep up with the pace? For me, being outdoors, meditating, tequila, stepping into the King Yoga room, and of lately, Aspen Chapel have been my methods of preservation.

Aspen Chapel, a spiritual center for those seeking an inclusive spiritual practice, offers all kinds of meditation classes, spiritual programs and speakers, many of which are donation based.

Last night I experienced a “Breathwork and Binaural Beats” class with Eliza Kane. It’s been an amazing thing, getting to the place I’m at right here, right now, but the caveat of creating this current world of mine is that I don’t have enough time in my day to keep up with it all. Waking up at 2:30am yesterday morning I figured I may as well get up and use that precious quiet time to catch up on work. Ending a double day like that with breathing while listening to binaural beats on headphones was probably the best thing I could have done to connect to my energy, clear my mental stress, and let go of the tension binding my body tightly into one tight knot. Laying down for 30+ minutes to concentrate on breathing happens … well … never, but for the place I’m in right now in my life, a necessity.

Walking out of the chapel I glanced up at the steeple as it reached towards the Emerald Blue evening sky fading to black, and I stood still taking it all in; the tingling calm of my body, the beauty of the night, and the calmness I felt after a very long day, and I felt grateful for those people in my life giving their all for people like me to stay healthy, so that we too can put our everything into our lives, and give to others.

[su_quote cite=”Aspen Chapel”]The breathing meditation allows for deep relaxation, mental and physical rejuvenation, and the opening of the heart center. When the brain has a chance to slow down, clarity and alertness follow and space opens for the invention of new possibilities.[/su_quote]

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