Aspen’s New Author, Lori Gurtman, Makes Top Ten

Aspen's New Author, Lori Gurtman, Makes Top Ten

Aspen’s New Author, Lori Gurtman, Makes Top Ten

It’s never been easy to get one’s book published, but nowadays publishing is an entirely new industry where many opt to publish their own books and spend thousands of hours and dollars on their own marketing. For many, the idea of marketing a book is more daunting than writing it.

Aspen has a new local author, Lori Gurtman, who although; did not need to self-publish, is still getting an intensive course on self-marketing and promotion with her new novel, Lost and Found in Aspen, a chick lit easy read about life, love, marriage and self-discovery. Lori’s novel, published by Post Hill Press and distributed by Simon & Schuster, has just been listed as #1 on Explore Booksellers Top Ten Booklist, and is quickly gaining momentum and popularity in the Roaring Fork Valley.

[su_box title=”Post Hill Press”]Founded in 2013 by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and book industry professionals, Post Hill Press has successfully published a wide spectrum of books, with a focus on the categories of pop culture, business, self-help, health, current events, Christian, and conservative political books. Our entrepreneurial spirit makes Post Hill Press a nimble publisher, willing and able to move quickly and take advantage of opportunities in the marketplace. Our books have appeared on The New York Times, USA Today, The Wall street Journal, and Publisher’s Weekly bestseller lists. A number of our authors have appeared on national media such as CNN, Fox News, The Doctors, and many others, as well as national radio and print outlets. We publish across all formats and platforms, including eBooks, audiobooks and print books, which are distributed by Simon and Schuster and available worldwide. We have ongoing collaborative relationships with national television networks as well as a strategic alliance with an innovative global literary agency. Post Hill Press prides itself on partnering with our authors. Publishing with us is a collaborative experience, where an author is included in decision-making throughout the process. We believe this is a key component to our ongoing success.[/su_box]

Lori had her first book-signing for her debut novel in a packed room at Explore Booksellers last week. As guests spilled out into the hallway, Lori spoke of how the seed to write the novel was planted one crisp and snowy evening as she and her good friend and artist, Nicole Gogolak, skinned up Tiehack mountain. As the snow crunched under their skis, they manifested an idea of writing a Bridgit Jones’s Diary chick lit type book about a woman on a journey of self discovery after experiencing an unexpected tragedy, which would then take them to dancing on the Ellen Degeneres show, and then landing a chick flick gig starring Reese Witherspoon.  Now, two years later, the seed has grown into a published book with Nicole’s encaustic prayer wheels gracing the cover. Nicole holds an MFA in fiber art from Cranbrook Academy of Art and a BFA in painting from The University of Michigan, and she teaches at the Wyly Art Center and Anderson Ranch Art Center. 

Lost and Found in Aspen is about a young woman, named Hope Martin, who feels like she won the lottery when she moves to Aspen, Colorado after college. Living in the magical resort town, she has it all—a great job, new friends, and an adult playground filled with mountain activities. She even falls in love with the man of her dreams, which eventually sends her on another new journey––marriage and starting a family. But when an unexpected tragedy strikes, Hope’s entire world falls apart. Struggling to put her life back together, Hope lands in some embarrassing situations as she searches for a way to reconnect with what she has lost.

An entertaining and inspirational story with important life lessons on learning to overcome tragedy, Lost and Found in Aspen encourages readers to connect to the hope they carry inside their hearts, and help them to rise above life’s turbulence. Aspen-lovers and chick-lit fans alike will be drawn to this fast-paced, page-turner, and will find themselves rooting for Hope as she stumbles through life, desperately trying to find her way back to where she belongs.

Lori Gurtman lives in Aspen, Colorado with her husband, two teenage children, and a Bernese mountain dog. Reading and writing are her favorite escape, but when she isn’t doing that, she can be found on the mountain: hiking, biking, or skiing. 

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