An Interview with Breathless Yoga Founder, Diana Vitantonio

An Interview with Breathless Yoga Founder, Diana Vitantonio

During the Yoga on the Mountain festival in Snowmass, I experienced a highly energetic class on the concert stage on Fanny Hill with Diana Vitantonio, founder and creator of Breathless Yoga.

The class began with a calming and meditative deep breathing, which then transitioned into sun salutations and yoga postures flowing into a steadily increased pace, and as the music got more rocking we moved to a breathless state pounding out mountain climbers, crunches and pilates moves, ending where we began with the calm breathing.

When the class was over I was so invigorated I had to pull Diana aside and ask what just happened, which culminated in our impromptu conversation.

Diana’s breathless yoga style begins with the intention to heal the inner self from trauma and to live and breathe wholeness.  Her hope is to keeping healing and to teach others that no matter who you are, you have a creative genius inside you and your voice deserves to be heard.

Find Diana on Instagram @Soul Activist and visit her Breathless website here.

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