Skippy Mesirow For Aspen City Council

Skippy Mesirow For Aspen City Council

As one who has my eye on what is going on in our community, one person I have been observing from afar is Skippy Mesirow. Not able to attend as many events as I would like to, I carefully select those that will most likely offer an insightful learning experience, and Skippy seems to be running the helm at many of those events and his involvement with leading organizations such as; Aspen Next Generation Advisory commission, Aspen Planning & Zoning, the Aspen Mentorship Program, Aspen City of Wellbeing, and Aspen Entrepreneurs, makes it of no surprise that he is now running for Aspen City Council.

With a slogan of “Here Now. For What’s Next”, and a tattoo on his arm that reads “Citizen”, my curiosity to learn more about Skippy lead me to invite him onto my podcast. A well spoken, intelligent, thoughtful, considerate and organized man I enjoyed what he had to say and I am learning with each encounter, that as a millennial he is very involved in rallying young entrepreneurs into action, but he does not keep his circles small and his friendships appear to span across multiple generations.

Listen to Skippy’s Podcast

Listen to Skippy’s interview on our RadioCMC podcast here.


I admire those who take a stand to serve our community as Council members, and I admire Skippy for his words in his campaign letter that speak towards his desire to apply a younger, fresh perspective to the critical decisions that sit before us, and reverse the trends of cynicism, an erosion of trust in our government, and increasing divisions within our community. I wish him well with his campaign.

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