Interviewing X-Games Host Ramona Bruland

Interviewing X-Games Host Ramona Bruland

Interviewing X-Games Host Ramona Bruland

Aspen has a few local celebrities who personify the true reason why many of us move to one of America’s most expensive resort towns, to live and play in the great outdoors. Ramona Bruland is one of those celebrities. She’s beautiful, she’s vivacious and she’s not afraid to try anything.

We have been working together lately, she hosting me on PlumTV and today she is my guest on Aspen Real Life. Who knows where else we will go from here. But for now, enjoy the video.

Soon after this interview Ramona became ESPN’S new host for the X Games and will be going with them on their global tour to Aspen, France, Brazil, Spain, Germany and Los Angeles. I would say lucky girl, but luck as nothing to do with it. Ramona is a hard working go-getter and will be perfect for this position!

Click HERE to see her interview with ESPN.

Congratulations Ramona! I can’t wait to see your vivacious energy taking the X Games to an even more exciting and personal level!

2 Comments on “Interviewing X-Games Host Ramona Bruland

  1. Just watched! Very Entertaining. “Perfect question”, I was just thinking that when you asked it!
    Fun job Jillian, great job Jillian! Yeah!!!


  2. What a fun interview! Ramona is so much fun to watch and listen to! I was glad you asked the question, too. lol


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