Furniture Maker David Rasmussen

[su_heading]Furniture Maker David Rasmussen[/su_heading]

I received a press release alerting me to a prominent furniture designer based in Carbondale, Colorado who had lost his studio in a fire. Visiting his website I stayed there for quite a while looking at the photographs of his beautiful furniture and his breathtaking treehouse designs. I knew then that I had to help David Rasmussen raise money for his new studio. He must continue to create his whimsical designs.

Prominent Furniture Designer in Carbondale

[su_quote cite=”David Rasmussen Website”]Always “driven by artistic design and aesthetic value,” David’s avant-garde approach to developing his style included joining Vermont-based Forever Young Treehouses where he traveled as the lead carpenter on handicap-accessible projects so “anyone can climb a tree and take a walk in the woods” in Los Angeles, Chicago, Cincinnati and Pennsylvania. David returned to his roots in furniture after a few years of building treehouses, bringing with him the organic understanding that is required for building in the trees. [/su_quote]

Temporarily David has been working out of a workshop at Anderson Ranch where he once held residency. I drove up there to conduct an interview with him and you can watch the interview below.

Please support David by attending his benefit occurring this Friday evening, January 13th, from 6-9pm at SAW in Carbondale on 978 Euclid Ave. (SAW stands for Studio for Arts + Works).

David is currently taking commissions for his exceptional pieces and works directly with interior designers and architects to bring their ideas to life.

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