Cooking with Anton

Cooking with Anton DSC_4180_3Photo from the Cooking with Anton website

As we move into Fall, we find ourselves cooking more, whether we like it or not. Searching online for delicious recipes to get into the spirit of Thanksgiving, I found Anton Uhl’s show, “Cooking with Anton.” Anton is the son of the famous Gretl Uhl an incredibly woman from Germany who had a restaurant on Ajax Mountain beginning in 1966 and brought the taste of Europe to Aspen. “This is going to be good,” I thought to myself and so I gave him a call.

I parked in Anton’s driveway, under his great willow tree, and he emerged out of his charming little studio to greet me. He was smaller than I had imagined and barefoot, clearly a man one with the earth.

As the interview unfolded Anton’s talents emerged and I discovered that he is a true Renaissance man with abounding talents as an artist, set designer, writer, pianist and chef. When visiting his website, one can feel Anton’s passion for life and his sparkly eyes and handsome good looks keeps you exploring deeper into the pages to find out more. The photographs make me pine for glorious outside Tuscan family dinners and light my spark to have fun in the kitchen.

Thank you Anton!

2 thoughts on “Cooking with Anton

  1. Hi Jillian! Oh what a totally cool dude! WHAT a background! I feel like I’ve lived his life vicariously – that damn envy thing creepin in! haha! GOOD interview – you sure have a knack for finding the interesting people and things in your locale! (I think it is coming from your heart!)


    1. Hi SuZen. Yes, Anton is so much more than I could ever hope to be…but it doesn’t hurt to try!

      It’s true that I have a knack for finding the interesting people, I found you didn’t I???


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