Aspen Film’s Artistic Director: Laura Thielen

aspen-filmfest[su_heading]Aspen Film’s Artistic Director: Laura Thielen[/su_heading]

Aspen, Colorado is known not only for it’s spectacular landscape but also for the incredible festivals that grace our valley, bringing culture, intellect and entertainment to all of us who could not live here without it.

Personally, coming from New York City, I would have gone bonkers and left a long time ago if it weren’t for the festivals such as; Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, the Aspen Idea’s Festival, Aspen Film and The Aspen Music Festival and School. In fact I worked for many of them before making babies.

And now, I am so excited to give back to these organizations and interview the incredible people behind them. Please meet Laura Thielen, the Artistic Director for Aspen Film. I worked for Laura when I was the Hospitality Coordinator for Aspen Shortsfest and I can tell you that she is a wonderful, intelligent woman who is completely passionate and devoted to bringing incredible films to Aspen and joining our valley together as a community to watch and discuss them.

Enjoy my interview with Laura, and if you haven’t already, hurry up and buy your tickets to Aspen Filmfest 2010, what are you waiting for? The festival began last night and will be going on through October 3rd. I know I’ll be there.

4 Comments on “Aspen Film’s Artistic Director: Laura Thielen

  1. Good on you, Jillian~~~once again. Your interview was a wonderful depiction of Laura’s passion and intellect. Bravo for Aspen’s venues, year round and the continued support of our
    Let’s go to the movies together, my friend.


  2. Aspen is lucky to have you, you give back, what the community gives you. Still like the articles about you much better, much more interesting!


    • Yeah Mouse, I agree. Aspen is lucky to have me, they just don’t seem to realize it yet.

      I’m glad that you like the articles about me, it’s what I love to do most….write, I mean…not about me…oh fageddaboudit


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